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There's a Little Election Tomorrow....

Monday, November 7, 2016

...and I've decided to celebrate it, My Lovelies!

Last Tuesday I put away all of our Halloween decor.  I thought it would be fun to decorate the kitchen in honor of the Presidential Election.  I used some of the red and blue accessories I already had out for the World Series (GO CUBS GO) and added a few patriotic touches, like a quilted runner and woven stars.

This quilted table runner is very old. I bought it when we were Newlyweds in Nashville, TN, in 1990.  Although my taste isn't quite as country as it once was, I still like this runner.  I also have the placemats that match.

I added the autumn-scented candle and neutral candle holder.

I chose this runner because I didn't want the kitchen to look too summery or too much like Independence Day.  

I bought the heart with the changeable ornaments in Nashville at the same little country shop.  I still like it, too, and each month comes with a different ornament.  This is July's ornament; November's is a turkey.

We all will have to make do with the election results.  Half of us more than the other half.

Tomorrow I will be very busy watching the election results as they come in.  I'm very interested in several local and state issues on the ballot here.

I've also decided not to decorate this year for Thanksgiving.  Instead, I'm going to start decorating for Christmas and go all out and decorate to the nines!  

Blue ceramic vase:  Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic
Make Do vase: Molly Hatch for Anthropologie
Blue and white dessert plates:  Anthropologie
Red mercury glass votives:  Leaf 'n Petal
Stars, napkin holder, pillar holder, and candle:  Pier 1
Salt and pepper shakers and plate:  MacKenzie-Childs 
Paper napkins:  The Fresh Market
Table runner and heart ornament holder:  Vintage

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. You must be more optimistic than I am about all this. Your colors are certainly beautiful. Love your blue and white plates. I guess we all went through a country phase back then. A lot of my stuff now packed away came from the parents' old home places. I still think it conveys a warm inviting homey vibe and yours looks good with the ladder back chairs.

    I guess I am going to do something this year I have never ever done and never thought I would do -- that is, put up the tree before TGV. My son arrived in LA last night, and he will be here in about a week. We decided to surprise him since he won't be here for TVG or Xmas, so we are going to pack it all into four days before he goes bucket China. We plan to put the lights on ahead of time, and then let him help decorate it which I think he will enjoy.

    I am only about halfway through BELGRAVIA -- but depending on the date of book club, I may not be able to come since it might overlap Brendan's visit.

  2. I'm not optimistic about the election at all.....I've simply decided not to let it defeat me! I'm determined not to let it ruin the holidays with my family.

    I know you'll have a great visit with your son. I hope that Book Club doesn't interfere with his visit, but I understand if it does!

    BTW I usually don't respond to comments in this section, but I thought I would in this case. Although this election has been troublesome to a majority of Americans, I do believe that our country is remarkable because of the people and not our leaders.

  3. Ricki,
    Love the pretty Cub colors for your table setting. Something wonderful for Chicago for the Cubs to finally win the world series. They waited soo long for this.

  4. Oh yeah--this is the year---the pitting of family and friends against each other. lol Tomorrow night it will all be behind us. The ads will drop away and we will find our new 'normal'...some of us more happy with 'normal' than others. Love your sweet patriotic tribute, Ricki. xo Diana

  5. I love your attitude...about the election and Christmas...thank you for sharing it with us!! : )

  6. I love red, white, and blue, and like you, will simply have to "make do" with whatever the outcome. I'm not happy with either choice! Enough said! I'm ready to move on to Christmas too, but we have house guest coming for Thanksgiving. I will wait. '-)

  7. Adorable table to celebrate our election. Love the "country look" and I still have a lot of things left from my younger days of everything country. We've got our tree up, lights on and will pull our ornaments out. in a rush with company coming for the weekend. Not sure what we'll do Thanksgiving, most of family spending holidays away. I'm still going to set a table! Have a great day, win or loose!

  8. Love the heart ornament with the monthly accent, how fun...and the make's been an exhausting experience for all of us :) But yay, the red white and blue!


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