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Fall Vignette in Breakfast Room

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy October, My Lovelies!  I'm slowly decorating for autumn this weekend.  Some of the decor stays up through Thanksgiving, and some of it I'll change when it gets closer to Halloween.  Next week I'll share more of our fall decor, but I think our breakfast room deserves its own post.  ;P

I mentioned last week that I was adding a little bit of blue to our fall decor, and it started with the little blue-topped pumpkin, candle, and wooden cheese server.  The table runner also has autumn colors with ribbons of blue.

I love glass pumpkins.  I've been collecting them for several years now, and I try to find and purchase one each fall.  This year's addition is the blue pumpkin.

I love how the sun sparkles on the glass.  It makes me happy when it's sunny, especially as the days are getting shorter.

A couple of years ago I started adding acorns.

I almost always have our little chicken tea lights out somewhere in our kitchen.

Below is a hurricane I bought recently.  It's the first one I've ever bought, and I really like it!

I think I like having all the glass pumpkins and acorns together on the breakfast room table even though some are opaque and some aren't.  


Pumpkins and acorns:  Pier 1, White Flowers, and Leaf 'n Petal
Wooden cheese server:  At Home
Salt and pepper shakers, tray, and chicken tea light votives:  MacKenzie-Childs
Hurricane, candle, and table runner:  Pier 1
Flower frog vase:  La Pella Pottery via Etsy

Please come back next week for more autumn decor.  I'll be visiting y'all over the weekend looking at your pretty fall vignettes!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. So pretty! I love your glass pumpkins and will admit I've not paid much attention to those. I will now! Your blue additions are perfect. :)

  2. Your collection of glass pumpkins is beautiful. I, too, have a real thing for the way sunlight catches glass.

    Still have done nothing Fall-ish, other than segue away from summer. This morning at the farmer's market, I snapped a couple of photos of pumpkin displays. They had pretty sunflowers. I was tempted, but I decided maybe next week, since I haven't even really given it any thought. They might be dead before I do anything!

  3. Very pretty, I picked up my first glass pumpkins last week. I absolutely love them.

  4. As I scrolled through the post I kept saying wow, and how beautiful and for that I thank you

  5. OMG I love your glass pumpkins! So pretty!!! And your Mck-Chds pieces are fabulous also Ricki Jill, it looks fabulouso!

  6. Beautiful display and that wooden server is just so charming. Off to peek at it!

  7. I love all the MacKenzie Childs items.

  8. I am SO IN LOVE with your glass pumpkins!!! I can't even pick a favorite because I love each one for different reasons. I love how they sparkle, but I also love them because of their uniqueness. Of all the fall decor I've seen on blogger and IG, I have to say that your's is by far my favorite. Your photos of your Autumn decor are just so lovely! Now I have to go back over these photos and see these pumpkins again.
    I hope your day got better sweetie after leaving your comment on my post. Thank you for it RJ, because it really brightened up my day when I read it.

    big hugs from me....


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