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Random Tuesday: Random This Week

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Random Tuesday, My Lovelies!  We're enjoying the first week of fall around here, but where are the autumn temperatures?  This is the hottest September I can ever remember, and I'm over the heat. But in spite of the hot temperatures, I'm dragging out the pumpkins and decorating for fall this week. Stay tuned for a punkin'-palooza post later on this week!

Here's a hint:  Our fall decor will combine cream, blue, and orange, of course!

The main reason I want the weather to cool down is so we can enjoy our patio and outdoor kitchen more.  We made a few changes on the patio: we changed our furniture by the fireplace.  Here's the before:

We had two smaller sofas

And here's the after:

...and replaced them with a semicircular sofa and ottoman.

I thought I'd lost my geraniums, but they've come back nicely because I've been watering the heck out of them.

Our roses and plumbago are still doing well in spite of the heat.

This week is Banned Books Week, and I read banned books!  ;P

My oldest daughter loves cereal (we call them jank-o's) and she bought home these creeptastic jank-o's yesterday:

Did you catch that?

Build your own marshmallow skeletons?  WTH?

Well at least she didn't bring home pumpkin spice jank-o's....

This might be more scary than Bloody Mary!

Our favorite show is back!  Yes!

Poldark, Season 2!!!

Last night our Chicago Cubs won game #100 with the help of a grand slam home run by Javi Baez.

So that about does it for me: Fluffing the house with pumpkins, reading as many banned books as I can, and watching the Cubbies and Season 2 of Poldark.  Life.  Is.  Good!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I have never watched Poldark, but I think I need to do check it out.

  2. Your outdoor living space is absolutely gorgeous! You must have a really green thumb. Our geraniums have rebounded,too. Mine do all right over winter in the garage, and then bloom again out back every summer.

    Love the pumpkin latte funny! See you tomorrow.

  3. love your outdoor kitchen area!
    cannot wait to see your fall decorating all finished up. maybe setting things up will at least put you in a autumn mood and the weather will follow suit...? wishful thinking perhaps, but at least it will look pretty!
    ooh, I buy all the 'jank-o's' I can..i love to see the colorful Halloween packaging. One year kraft macaroni and cheese made Halloween pastas! I have a blog post about it somewhere.
    right now we have the cap'n crunch Halloween cereal...yuck, the milk turns green, but it's cute-ish.

    I hope you have a great day and that it cools down a bit for you:)

  4. Those Froot Loops are dastardly! I LOVE your patio furniture (both versions!) I always laugh at the pumpkin spice hullabaloo, so what did I do last week? I grabbed a cup of pumpkin pie coffee....why did I think that was something different, as in it didnt even register!

  5. Random stuff indeed, those Froot Loops are just weird who wants marshmallows in their cereal not me just saying

  6. Oh boy, that outdoor living room is gorgeous!!!! I love your new couch, you will be doing some serious reading there as the temps cool Ricki Jill! Have fun fluffing with pumpkins-


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