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Botanical Style: Inspirational decorating with nature, plants, and florals

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Wednesday Morning, My Lovelies!  Today I want to share with you the latest from one of my favorite home stylists, Selina Lake.  For those of you who've followed me for awhile, you know that I have read all of Selina's books and I consider them all wonderful sources for inspiration.

Here is a synopsis according to Goodreads: 

In her latest book, 'Botanical Style', stylist Selina Lake shows how to tap into the current trend for bringing nature, plants, and florals into the heart of the home. The first chapter, Botanical Inspirations, takes a look at the ingredients of the look--antique botanical prints and artworks, flower stalls, potting sheds, and houseplants--and draws upon these sources for fresh ideas to transform your home into a leafy haven. Moving on, Selina explores five different facets of the botanical look. Vintage Botanicals celebrates the gentle palette and delicate style of floral watercolors and pressed flowers, while Boho Botanicals has more of a free-spirited 1970s vibe, with jungly potted plants, flower garlands, and even a decorated teepee. The varied textures and contemporary appeal of Industrial Botanicals give it a modern edge, utilizing materials such as polished concrete, rusted metal, and laboratory glass and combining them with peeling paint and vintage science posters on the walls. Next, Natural Botanicals is based around antique botanical prints and museum specimen cases for a nostalgic feel while Tropical Botanicals features bold leafy prints, spiny cacti, and palm trees for a distinctly glamorous retro flavor. Throughout the book, Selina's imaginative 'DIY Makes' and insightful 'Style Tips' provide a wealth of inspiring suggestions for how to recreate the textures, tones, and ambience of Botanical Style in your own home.

My Review

If you want to bring nature and botanicals into your home, then you truly need this book in your home library.  I loved it, and I think it's my second favorite of all Selina's books next to Pastel Style (of course). There are too many beautiful ideas to mention in one blog post, so instead I'll share my three favorite ideas from Botanical Style.

From the Botanical Inspirations section, I enjoyed the section entitled "Living With Houseplants." Selina has a collection of houseplants in white ceramic pots ascending white stairs surrounded by white walls.  Plants include maidenhair ferns and a Swiss cheese plant.  The contrast between the super white walls and stairs and deep greens of the plants is truly stunning.

I was completely smitten by the Boho Botanicals section and the collection of dark, moody floral wallpapers. Imagine pale roses, peonies, and chrysanthemums against a deep, dark background.  I want to wallpaper a room with a dark floral soon!  For a girl who loves her white walls and pastels, I might just be swayed to try this look.

Perhaps my most favorite section is Vintage Botanicals.  Selina introduces a plethora of creative ways to incorporate vintage dishes, fabrics, and prints with new finds.  I love the vintage, chippy wood furniture in this section, and Selina's penchant for mixing prints is sure to inspire.  

The book also includes a convenient Sources section with contact information for Selina's favorite botanical style resources.  Selina also includes several lists in the book, for example: her Favorite House Plants List and 10 Favorite Garden Plants.

I've been inspired by Botanical Style!  Check it out:

Houseplants on a simple white linen table runner

I love this little flora doora made from vintage fabric and crocheted flower.  

The lovely houseplant images have inspired me!

Ivy in front of a tiny botanical oil painting

Chippy white paint plus greenery

Botanical wallpaper in my art studio

Flowers in a contemporary ceramic vase

Source unknown

What's inspiring you today?  Please share in comments!

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. Oh so gorgeous! I love your style and could have written the book. Pinning and sharing.

  2. Just lovely RJ! Love the plants in your MC pots with the runner. So many pretty florals around your home. Have a happy week…….


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