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Romantic Random and Easter Baskets

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  I hope you all had a very Blessed Holy Week and Easter.

Today's post is a quick one celebrating romantic notions with a little Easter thrown into the mix.

Mr. Art @ Home has been full of surprises lately.  He bought me some delicious macarons from Sucré.
This one was my favorite:

It's an Irish Cream macaron....Yummy!

I love forced bulbs in the spring.  I forgot to post these earlier, but they're share-worthy for sure!

I wanted to feature the lovely anniversary present Mr. Art @ Home gave me.  It was made by New Orleans artist Susan Bergman.  We burn lots of candles, so the oversized votive holder will be used often.  Thank-you, Mr. Art!

I used this as the centerpiece for our Easter dining table.

Speaking of romance, my oldest daughter's third romance novel in her Crescent City Creatures series was released yesterday! 

Buy Enspelled here

Can you believe that my 23 year old and 18 year old still want Easter baskets?  :/

Sorry for the dark photo, but Easter Sunday was stormy here in Central Alabama!  

We have a busy week of school ahead.  Plus we're spring cleaning this week....oh, joy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love that your 23 year old daughter is writing romance novels and still wants an Easter basket!! ;)

    Your candle holder is gorgeous. Your Mr. sure knows what to get for you.

  2. Pretty post RJ. The macaroons are so pretty on your MC dish and the flowers are gorgeous. Happy Anniversary and your gift is lovely, did you post it before? Yes, of course those sweet girls want baskets and you did good! I make one for Connor every year too :)
    Happy day……..

  3. Fun...I love receiving an Easter basket too. xx oo
    Congratulations to your daughter. Well Done!!

    Spring too.

  4. Of course your girls want an Easter basket. They will never outgrow such a tradition. I still love receiving an Easter basket. '-)
    Happy Anniversary and congratulations to the successful author. So impressed that she has a third book out.

  5. Ricki Jill I've never seen macaroons like that, sure looks pretty and I just know it was yummy. Your flower arrangement is perfectly Easter pastel and the pussy willows look just like little Easter eggs, so sweet. I had no idea your daughter is an author and just had her 3rd book in her series released. Wow how proud you must be, I'm proud for her and your family. Hey I'm old and still love Easter baskets :-D
    Happy belated anniversary.


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