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Looking Forward to Spring

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday!  While I'm writing this post, storms are raging across our state.  But the good news: severe weather in Alabama is a harbinger of spring!  I don't know about you, but I can't *wait* until spring and summer.  We have Spring Fever.  We need a vacation.  We need sunshine!!!

I finally (today, yikes!) put away our Valentine's Day decor.  Now I'm starting with a clean, quite minimal slate which is fine with me for a week or so!

If you've followed my blog long, you know about my obsession with Jane's Flora Dooras.  I *heart* them so much.  They're plastic-lined bags you can put water and fresh flowers in and hang wherever. Here is a link to Jane's Etsy Shop.  I love them so much I have a Flora Doora Pinterest board.

Here is my latest one:  This Flora Doora has a natural color drop cloth base and drop cloth handle, it is accented with a floral hankie from the market in La Charite, France, which is sewn on the front.

I put a few wilting spray roses in it....LOVE the yellow with the purplish-blue.

See the sweet one on the right?  It's a little lagniappe from Jane, and I will feature her next week, so stay tuned!

I'm looking forward to pulling up the pansies and planting spring flowers.  I've been looking online and in catalogs, and here is one of my favorite new varieties for 2016:

These superbells are called Holy Moly.  Aren't they great!  I'm planting them in a large black planter, and they're so obnoxious I might get a letter from our HOA.  ;P

In a couple of weeks I'll decorate for Easter, and I've found a trio of chicks that will be my new addition to our Easter decorations.

These party chicks are from Olive and Cocoa.

I saw the prettiest spring floral arrangement from Daphne's Diary (English) Facebook page.  I love the tulips in it, especially the ruffled ones.  The jonquils are pretty, too!

You can like Daphne's Diary on Facebook here.

Finally, here's the latest stop action animation video from Terrain.  It will surely make you smile!

Do you have spring fever yet?  

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. So, Ricki Jill, you people in Alabama are having bad weather. Thank you so much for sending it my way. hehe. My son lives in Athens, but I think things are going to be alright there... hopefully. Your post certainly put me in the 'I want springtime' mood. I think I will get my pretty wreath out and put it on the door. And, maybe I'll drag some other things out in a day or two. Take care.

  2. Oh yes RJ, I have had spring fever since those few spring-like days we've had. I have shoots springing up in the beds, I sure hope this weekends predicted cold tempts won't do damage! Love your flowers and the bags, what a great idea. I have to look at those. Such pretty flowers and I love your little chicks. Thank goodness the bad weather missed last night……..Have a great day……..

  3. Love all the pretty bouquets. I was just thinking of Jane the other day. I had lost track of her. I enjoyed seeing her flora dooras. Blessings to you Ricki. Hope our spring comes soon and no nasty weather. xoxo,Susie

  4. Cute video! Yes! I have Spring Fever too!!

  5. Fun post Ricki Jill. I hope your Spring Fever desire is finding you without flu fever and you are over that awful bug. Adorable video, beautiful flowers and I am in love with Holiday Olive and Cocoa cuties and often treat myself. Pretty waterproof bags, Ahhh Spring - it Springs external when we need it the most.

  6. Ok so me lovely things here, we are still in Summer in fact it is another stinking hot day with temps in the 40's°c thankfully we have air conditioners

  7. LOL, I hope those pretty flowers don't get you in trouble with the HOA! It's been super windy here in Kansas, which is a good sign warmer weather is coming. Yay! I'm ready for Spring too.

  8. What a fun post! You need some affiliate links. :)

  9. I have spring fever now after reading this inspiring post! Hi RJ! Have missed you! I checked out the flora doras. So many neat things here to explore. With the snow outside here in Indiana, I'm trying to think spring!

  10. Oh yes, I have a real case of spring fever. I'm outside peeking in the containers every day. I remember when she started her blog, Flora Doora. That's when I was doing Welcome Wagon and I remember featuring her.

  11. Oh, how pretty! I love pansies but I've never seen dual-colored ones like that. :)
    Two weeks ago, all of my bud flowers came up. I've got crocus and daffodil (and maybe jonquil) here, blossoming. It's a boon because I had NO CLUE anyone had planted anything at this property (other than the maple trees that destroyed the sewer line, and a bunch of bushes and rhodies way too close together). On Wednesday, the cherry trees started blossoming around here. It's a very early Spring for us! :D
    I'm still frustrated by my lack of a garden (can't get one going until after the sewer is replaced, as it will destroy our back yard) but at least I have the flowers to look at. :D

  12. You are always so sweet about Flora Doora..thank you so much! It makes me smile to know they are well loved and appreciated. I hope you enjoy for years to come! Jane Flora Doora


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