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Banned Books Week: Celebrate Your Freedom to Read

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Monday!  This week we celebrate our freedom to read.  If your a student of history, then you probably remember that the second thing the Nazis confiscated after guns was books.  It would take a really big Nazi to take a book away from me.  Maybe two….

I also believe that parents should guide their children in what they read and no one else. I've spent countless hours previewing books before making the decision of whether or not my daughters were ready to read them.

I hope you celebrate your freedom to read this week by reading either a challenged or banned book!
I'll be sharing one of my favorite banned/challenged books on this week's Literary Friday post.

I hope you'll join me there!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. As a librarian I agree with your views on freedom to read. Probably the Bible is the most banned book worldwide today. Many Muslim countries and some dictatorships that are not Muslim do not allow people to have Bibles. Sad.

  2. Amen, Sister! As 21 year old student teacher, I witnessed an angry PTA crowd conduct a book burning. I felt like I might die. I will never forget it. Big Nazi for me, too...

  3. I think banning books is so wrong and often the result of a small minded person

  4. Banning books is the first step toward mind control- I celebrate anyone who fights the banning of books by small-minded groups and governments.


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