Random Tuesday: Random Mail

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello, My Lovelies!  This is our last day of freedom because school starts back tomorrow.  Yikes!  I wanted to share some pretties I've received in the mail lately, and some of the items are school supplies.

Little fake roses from An Angel at My Table
I placed them on my bookcase.

I just can't even...
I received this on July 14th, and I can't even open it.  *spoiler alert*  It is my understanding that Atticus Finch, only the best father in all literature, is not the same man we loved in To Kill a Mockingbird....

Suzanne aka An Italian Girl in Georgia sent me these adorable chalkboard paint plant stakes.
I can't wait to use them!  

This is the cutest Flora Doora ever!  I love Jane's little waterproof bags.  I'll feature this little French lady named Shabby Chandy with flowers soon, so stay tuned!

This is a must for this school year:  a pretty fabric-colored sketchbook from Latvia via Etsy.

ooooo I do love me some Caran D'Ache watercolor crayons.  And these colors are a special edition pastels set.  *squee*  From Dick Blick.

Another Etsy find from Sea Pinks.....an adorable pencil case for Shelley

The first two mysteries in the Merry Muffin Mysteries series came in.  Yay!

We hope to have a great day today having lunch at a favorite restaurant and doing a little last minute shopping.  What are you doing today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Wow, it looks like Christmas at your house. Maybe I need to think about going back to school. ;-)
    Sad your summer is already over. Seems way too early! All the best for a awesome year ahead.

  2. Oh, those are a lot of goodies.

  3. Fun little random post. I'm getting ready to fly to Upstate New York tomorrow morning to visit a girlfriend. :)

  4. I am eating my half apple salad from Wendy's enjoying your post. That is what I am doing for lunch. ;) I love the bags and I know someone who will be having fun with some new journal 52 pages. ;P Todd picked up the new book from Harper Lee. I am like you afraid to read it.

    Have a great last freedom day!

  5. Hello,
    We will be starting school August 31st. Best wishes to you for your 2015/2016 school year.

    I have heard so many sad things about Go Set A Watchman. I am not sure Harper Lee ever wanted it published. I will always love Atticus and think of him from To Kill A Mockingbird.
    xx oo

  6. So many pretties RJ to brighten your day. There had to be a mid-week run for a few grocery items.I haven't decided if I'm going to read "Watchman" although at some point I know I will have to. We are looking forward to the weekend already.


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