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Literary Friday: American Lit

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday, My Lovelies!  I promised last week that I'd post about the sequel to The Little Beach Street Bakery.  I had good intentions.  Truly I did!  Stay tuned, because next week it will get done. But I do have a good excuse reason:

I didn't get to finish it because I've been helping Shanley Belle edit her book that is being published! I wish I could write about it today, but it will have to wait until the week it comes out.

I know I mentioned it on yesterday's post, but her publisher sent her a rather detailed social media packet, so I've been helping her with that, too.  Her blog is almost ready, and she is so excited about this opportunity.

So since I have nothing new to write about and in honor of the Independence Day holiday, I thought I'd share with you one of my list of American classics that everyone should read.

I know, I know....the South is well represented on this list, but I'm prejudiced in thinking that Southerners are truly the best storytellers.

If you had to pick the quintessential American novel, what would it be?  I'd probably pick The Great Gatsby.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Wow, that is so exciting for her and you!! Congratulations!! The waiting is hard but it will be so worth it. Looking forward to knowing more. D

  2. The Grapes of Wrath is definitely, for me, one of the greatest American novels. And Of Mice and Men. I also love Esperanza Rising, and On The Road should be somewhere on that list. :)
    Obviously, my narrative is in the West, not the South.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter, how exciting!

    I counted up through your list and realized I've read 10 of them, just started The House of Mirth. Haven't quite got up my nerve to tackle Faulkner voluntarily, not since being assigned to read him in school!

    Quintessential American novel? For me it was The Tree of Liberty by Elizabeth Page many years ago that made me realize the sacrifice made for our freedom. But honestly, I do think Southern writers tell the best stories!

    Happy 4th of July to you and yours, and God Bless America!

  4. Well this is such a tough decision. I love LIW but I don't consider her books novels. I love Little Women but it could due to my very first hardbound book was that one as a gift from my aunt. I guess I would have to pick a the great American MarkTwain either Huckleberry Fin or Tom Sawyer. I guess it must be a regional thing. :)

  5. Ricki Jill what a great list! I think I have read about 3/4 of the books here and added the remaining to my "must read" list.
    Have a spectacular, safe and Happy Fourth of July!

  6. I was surprised (being a Brit) how many of these I have read over the years, will be taking a look at those I've not yet read, thanks for the list!


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