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Shoeless Joe Jackson McLean

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Monday!  I hope y'all had a wonderful Father's Day Weekend.  Mr. Art @ Home had a great one, the lucky duck!

My best friend Ainslie recently lost her beloved Portuguese Water Dog Joe.  He was the cutest dog, and I really loved him, too.  Whenever I'd go to her studio for Pilates, he'd put his favorite tennis ball in my shoe!  {so cute}  Joe became ill with a very aggressive lung cancer that killed him within a week.  Ainslie and her family have since adopted a new little PWD named Percy.  He is very different from Joe, but I know they have plenty of room in their hearts for little Percy.

When I lost Bonnie Blue and my sweet friend Ellen painted her portrait for me, I can't tell you how appreciative I was (and still am).  It's the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me, so I wanted to pay it forward and paint a portrait of Joe.  You can see my post about Ellen's portrait of Bonnie here.

 photo 35d5e506-9486-48bc-95b3-b1dc09093c30.jpg

8" X 8"
oil on artist board

Did I tell y'all that I'm taking a portraiture class this summer?  I've learned so much after only three weeks.  I'll share my painting from the class when it's finished.
Until next time…
Ricki Jill


  1. Just adore the movement & color in your work of love!

  2. I love how you continue to learn new things. :-))

    I also love this post, you are a special friend!
    Thank you for sharing the idea with us.


  3. Ricki Jill, I'm so glad that you are getting into your art and painting more. You have amazing talent and this portrait shows it. So full of personality and life, I'm sure your friend will appreciate it for years to come, it is fabulous.

  4. It is sad when we lose a pet, been through that pain a few times myself

  5. Ricki Jill, you are always taking forward steps, learning new things, putting yourself out there. I admire you! I adore your new painting. Shoeless Joe Jackson McClean is adorable as is his name. ;-)

  6. Losing a pet is really a hard event to go through, I know because we lost our sweet Bo. Wow what a beautiful painting of Joe. Really beautiful, and what a sweet friend you are! I wanted to thank you for letting me know that you liked my cottage was really sweet of our to know you enjoyed them.

  7. I think you did an outstanding job and very thoughtful. I cannot wait to see more of your personal portraits and how exciting with your class.

  8. Your friend will love this portrait of her wonderful companion, I'm sure she will cherish it always.

  9. So sad to hear of her loss, but your painting is beautiful!

  10. What an awesome, awesome gift! She will love it and you did a wonderful job on it, Ricki Jill. You are very talented. xo Diana

  11.'s so good! I'm so sorry for her loss. Remember when you offered to do a painting of Newman and I said no cause it hurt too much? I think maybe I'm ready now. This is just soooo nice...You are extremely talented.

  12. As the mother of two darling fur boys I just love this post!
    I wanted to invite you to stop by the Decor To Adore blog as I am currently hosting a giveaway for my treasured readers.

    Have a beautiful day!

  13. What a beautiful painting! I love it! :) You did a great job, RJ!


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