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Random Tuesday

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

 photo ae81966c-338f-4f0a-9b9a-635d507f839a.jpg

Happy Tuesday!  I have a long list of random for you today, so I'd better get on with it!

We've been spending some time at Lake Martin, and we've done lots of fun activities other than boating.  We've been to fun shows and sales, observed ospreys on the lake, and relaxed by reading and creating art.

 photo a425cd2a-944a-4424-aac9-4a930275624c.jpg

 photo 433f5330-39cf-441a-b898-cfe092f72be4.jpg

 photo a54e9e47-0cc4-4725-b06d-2c89fdb2c337.jpg

 photo d599a379-b4c6-404a-8f34-71c56d74685e.jpg

My girls love anything vintage or boho!

 photo ffa804c8-81a8-4e1e-8da9-070b4fb24ffc.jpg
Osprey in nest on Lake Martin

I recently started art journaling, and I've been doing it a lot lately.  Shelley likes to make art journals for school. Below is a page from my prayer journal:

 photo 118d206b-8113-4513-b2ab-770a8c3e8f40.jpg

Finlay is quite the little salty dog….he loves boating!  He also loves playing in the sun, but we have to be careful.  I don't want his little ears to sunburn!  Here he is catching some rays on the deck:

 photo 6fe6b389-0995-495d-bc02-c2c0e4196818.jpg

My artist friend Mary Compton is having a show at Red Dot Gallery.  I love her style, and the opening reception is Friday.  We can't wait!

I have a new breakfast obsession:

This conserve is made from the very sweet little scarlet strawberry….and it tastes divine!  I've been having it most mornings on toast with tea.  It is a little expensive, and is only available at certain times, but oh so worth it. It's my guilty pleasure of the moment!

Thanks for stopping by!  What is your guilty pleasure of the moment?

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. It all looks amazing. Summer is the perfect time to splurge on such things. Sounds like a great summer so far.

  2. You just taught me something: I had no idea a dog's ears could get sunburned! Looks like you have gotten your summer off to a fun start.

  3. Lovely random thoughts today. Love that you have Tiptree jam ... When we lived in Essex, England, we lived just a few miles from Tiptree and I love, love, love their jams. We lived in a little village called Silver End :)

  4. Enjoyed your blog today.
    Findlay so good to see your adorable face again, have missed you.

  5. I need a new guilty pleasure...I don't feel bad at all about the peanut m&ms anymore!

  6. Summer fun! :-)
    I had a white cat named Fred, he did get sunburned ears. I was so sad for him. We had to put utter balm on him to help him heal. We learned a quick lesson.

    I am loving some dark chocolate I received from my boys. :-)

  7. A great bunch of random things indeed, I also love vintage stuff.

  8. Sounds like a great start to summer. Love it all! My guilty pleasure has become dark chocolate with carmel and sea salt! Oh so Devine... I love vintage/hobo too!

  9. It's fun to have you back, RJ. Enjoyed the randoms. Happy Summer!


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