Happy Valentine's Day!

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I can't believe a month has passed by without posting.  We've been very busy with school, field trips, horse show season, and church activities.  We've visited three museums in the past two weeks, and we've seen some AH-mazing art. Shelley is excelling in French, and I'm very proud of her hard work in school. Shanley Belle is hearing from graduate schools, and her first interview will be at Emerson College next weekend. Her dad will go with her while Shelley competes at the Olympic Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia at her Regional Finals. We are a bit concerned about the weather both in Boston and Alabama/Georgia this next week as both New England and the South are expecting winter storms.
Because I've been reading a lot of American history for school, I haven't had time to read much just for fun.  I will have more free time once horse show season ends (maybe after next weekend) so I'd love to know what you've been reading!

I hope all of you have had a *sweet* Valentine's Day!  YOU are the sweetest folks on the planet. Truly I love you all!!!

Until next time...

Valentine's Love,
Ricki Jill