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Hi! It's *me*....{Finlay.} Guest Post #3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

 photo 9490bd11-20ae-4427-889d-bc621c679e7d.jpg

Hello, Lasses!

 photo 325acf8c-d1a4-4c7e-bb71-06e3b82b0c51.jpg

My name is Finlay, and I like to dig!  I could dig all day long.  My Mommie RJ planted some pansies in my new play yard.  I don't like stinkin' pansies!

 photo 0bbed5a4-79e9-48bf-8db5-5f7daf2d6ad8.jpg

 photo ceecf171-0c25-45b1-83d5-73fdadddf0df.jpg

 photo d756df3a-617c-41cd-b3a6-bee777b712ac.jpg

There is something *great* under this sod, I just know it!  I like to dig-up grass, too!  I could dig all night long.

This is my friend, Lily.  Shanley Belle belongs to her:

 photo f09992a7-3718-4ba9-b3d2-13c75c7d5d12.jpg

Lily Potter Treleaven

Lily likes to run.  She can run all day long.  She can jump, too.  Do you see this wall?  She can jump OVER it.  I can't do that because I have a dwarf gene.

 photo 94a8211d-74a3-4e8a-a62d-3b9d0e442ccd.jpg 

This wall is no match for Lily!

 photo f00b4996-4d05-4655-9fc7-b75988496e41.jpg

Methinks I need a nap after all my shenanigans.  

My Mommie RJ called me inside so she could clean-up my pansy-killing spree. She says I'm on Santa's Naughty List!

 photo b1604ead-1f65-4d33-a37e-ef0a7dbab18f.jpg

Santa, I can explain....

My Mommie RJ and Mr. Art @ Home had a nice backyard built and planted just for me (and Mr. Art's Big Green Egg addiction).  Please come back later on this evening and see our new space!

Thanks for sharing, Finlay.  I hope you're enjoying your new play space, and I want you to learn to love pansies!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Dawwww......gotta love the doggies! I've been lucky that mine aren't diggers (yet - but then, they're not in a fenced-in yard and I don't have things planted where I take them to run), but I do have a runner and a jumper. She's a handful!

    Happy holidays to you and your family. I really enjoyed getting to know the furbabies!

  2. Oh are too cute and would be a great playmate with Taj. Oh, what the two of you could do. ha ha ha

  3. Ooooh, nice to meet you Lily!!!! Finlay, glad you took care of those pansies (oops, that was Fozzie)

  4. Oh a digger and a jumper - what a difficult combination. I'm sure he is actually very sorry for digging up the pansies.

  5. Finlay! Killing pansies is not nice at all! Good thing you're adorable.


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