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Shelley's 17th Birthday Party

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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We celebrated Shelley's 17th birthday with a small family party.  We have four family birthdays this month.  :)

I decided to purchase new table linens that were on sale @ April Cornell from the Garden Patchwork and the Zinnia Garden Collections.  I didn't see them in person first, but I thought that the collection would work well with my MacKenzie-Childs Wallcourt Collection, and I was correct (this time).  I love the linens, and I think they'll be used a whole lot in the coming years.

 photo e3db56b8-2bfd-4774-a3cf-1fe3b0c930d7.jpg

 photo f267897c-4511-495e-81e2-b42d0145595f.jpg

Because the colors in the linens match the Wallcourt dishes so well, I think I'll use them often.
Keeping with the flower garden-themed party, I put together informal summer blooms in mason jars with flower frog lids.

 photo bca0c7b8-282f-46e9-8055-240c32a554a8.jpg

 photo 5b2d10f2-f6da-464f-9755-cfd999e7ba76.jpg

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Shelley chose the menu for her party:

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing
Prosciutto and cheese roll-ups
Vanilla scones
Turkey finger sandwiches
Cheese and sausage balls
Coca-Cola in mini bottles
Coffee and tea

 photo fae7456c-c73d-4a69-8a0d-a9d7d72405ff.jpg

NOTE:  My girl has been fighting a sinus infection, and the antibiotics have made her terribly ill.  I'm worried about dehydration, so I'm keeping a close watch on her today.

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Everything is so pretty, I know she loved it!! Hope she's feeling better asap.

    Today is my son's 25th birthday. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet Shelley. The party looks great. The cake is so much fun. I hope she feels better soon.

  3. Happy birthday to Shelley. Fantastic, congratulations! I love your birthday party idea and your photos are awesome!

  4. Happy birthday to beautiful Shelley! She's looking lovely everyday! The party looks awesome as the menu sounds too. Much blessings and feel better soon Shelley.

  5. What a gorgeous table and cake!! I hope your girl is feeling better very soon. Happy Birthday to her. =)

  6. What a fun menu for such a beautiful girl! Hope Finn is taking good care of her.

  7. Everything looks great Ricki Jill. I hope she had a wonderful time.

    Poor Shelley! I hope she feels better soon.

  8. Happy belated birthday to Shelley. What a pretty table with the new linens and the snazzy cake. I've been catching up on my reading and going back through the posts I missed.

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Shelley. Hope she feels better soon.
    Her birthday celebration table definitely says, CELEBRATE! Love the linens with the McK-C. I always fell so happy when I visit Art @ Home. ;-)

  10. That is just the prettiest birthday table I have ever seen! Birthday blessings to your sweet girl and wishes for feeling better :)
    xoxo, Andrea

  11. Happy belated birthday Shelly.
    The table looks lovely Ricki Jill

  12. She's a doll, cute picture. Love that polka dot cake.

  13. Happy birthday Shelley! That cake is also fab!

  14. Happy 17th birthday!!!
    Her cake is adorable! Hope she is feeling better!

  15. Everything is so elegant in this party! Thanks a ton for sharing the photographs with us. I am also planning a sweet 16th birthday party for my younger sister at one of the best party venues Houston TX. Please share some d├ęcor ideas guys!

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