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Hi, Y'all! It's *me*….{Finlay.} Guest Post #2

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

 photo 643e424c-1a82-4df5-bae7-04e1998736f1.jpg

Hello!  It's me!  Finlay!  I'm having to write this guest post today because my Mommie RJ has gone *crazy*….
For the past week, she has gone to the mailbox everyday looking for something, and she has NOT been happy….until today.  
This is what she's been looking for:

 photo abc7d209-02f6-4b05-9285-f0362395b65f.jpg
See it?

Apparently it's a book she's' been waiting for for years!  She screamed very loudly when she opened it. She hurt my delicate ears!

 photo 2dde7227-223b-4b13-81e1-46781a377b66.jpg

She has her little set-up all ready for some serious reading.  She has:

1.  Reading lamp
2.  Tissues
3.  Chocolate (Which I'm not allowed to have….)
4.  Flowers in a thistle vase (whatever)
5.  Scented candle

 photo b4f2ef07-89fb-4992-aa32-b37b394121c8.jpg
All this next to MY chair….

She's told the others that they can fend for themselves until she's done reading the book.  It's a long one.  Plus she's been on Facebook posting stuff like this:

Who's this guy?

Methinks my Mommie has lost all good sense.  If anyone approaches MY chair while she's reading, she points at this:

 photo aa1d80d7-1be4-4ab4-88ce-18a2d4464f06.jpg

Yep.  She's demented.  Over something I could chew-up in sixty seconds. My Mommie says I can break a brick!  But she must know that I can't fend for myself.  

 photo a57bc976-5fc9-4460-ad2c-af7e6df80f78.jpg

After she feeds me, I hope she'll play with me instead of the stupid book.  The second she puts it down, I'm chewing it to teeny bits!

Love and puppy kisses,


  1. Awww, Fin, you poor neglected soul! Foz says he'd keep you company, but he is even more antisocial that a chick with her nose in a book!

  2. This must be some read! Enjoy your indulgence, RJ/

  3. This is hilarious! Poor Fin! I've not gotten mine yet, I'm in the middle of packing for a move in two weeks so I'm waiting until I get settled. No spoilers! :-)


  4. If you put chew marks on should FEAR for your life! haha! Happy reading to your sweet person! Have FUN!

  5. Her books are great...but poor Finlay he needs a bit of attention too. Enjoy the read!

  6. You are too funny. I love it. Enjoy your book...


  7. I have read several of her books and do enjoy them. I hope Finlay got some play time with you.

  8. Down loaded to my Kindle earlier this week....Next on my agenda.

  9. Precious! Glad your mommy has her set up and you behave whilst she reads. :)

  10. LOL, that's such a cute post. I hope you enjoy the book!! (I need that "Don't even..." sign!)

  11. Finlay, you are ever so cute.

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  13. Finlay,
    Your mom as talked of little else, I think it best for you to lay obediently by her side and let her read the book non-stop. Hope she makes time to walk you and play with you a bit.

  14. Hey Finlay, you better hope she's a fast reader, 'cause I don't think she'll be putting it down 'till she's done. :)))
    sending big hugs...

  15. Aw, poor Finlay. You can't hold a candle to such a long-anticipated book. I mean....Scottish. Seriously. Maybe she'll get in the mood to make wee nibbles, and you can con her out of a shortbread or haggis or something.

  16. O my word! The book is out!!! I have to go get my copy!!!!

    Don't fash yourslef Finlay she'll be done with the book in not time cause there is no way she'll be able to put it down!

  17. Ahahhah this is so cute!! I must say I am very curious about this book now...scampers off to Goodreads...

  18. So funny! I'll be certain to check out the book Finlay wants to eat!

  19. Oh My Gosh! Finlay is to cute!! :)
    Will you be reviewing this for Literary Friday? :)

  20. Finlay, it's okay. You are still very special to Mommy. She just needs her time too. I look forward to your next guest post.

  21. I see a new blogger on the horizon. Fin is quite the writer. Hope you enjoy your book RJ.

  22. Finley is adorable! Also I don't know that guy either... Or what the books about, but you're not the first blog to mention it!


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