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Fresh Cut Friday: Roses for D-Day

Friday, June 6, 2014

YAY!  It's Friday Night!!!  *doing my happy dance*  If it's the first Friday then it's time for Fresh Cut Friday hosted by Liz @ Rose Vignettes.

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, and our Greatest Generation was honored today at the Statue of Liberty:  Lady Liberty was showered with one million rose petals.  And this month's featured flower is the rose!

I would have loved to have seen that.  What a lovely tribute!  

Today I want to share with you some photos from our front yard.  Prepare for a photo bomb!  ;P

Rose tree in pot


carpet roses

Finlay admiring the azaleas

Finlay doesn't like the gazing ball

I like the yellow and white striped petunias.

Our hydrangeas are huge and plentiful this year!

Hanging basket with million bells

I haven't visited the flower market lately, so I cut a few hydrangeas from our yard for Fresh Cut Friday.  

The hydrangeas closer to the house are very blue, and the ones closer to the street are pink.  

I hope you'll join Liz for Fresh Cut Friday!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. RJ, your garden is full of beautiful blooms. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! I have to buy mine at the market. '-)
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness ! Your flowers are wonderful and Finlay is adorable.

  3. What a gorgeous yard you have, RJ! Our hydrangeas haven't bloomed yet - hope they are half as pretty as yours! Have a lovely Saturday!

  4. So beautiful. I also love the vase that the hydrangeas are in.

  5. So pretty Ricki Jill! We don't have a hydrangea bloom in site yet but I'm hopeful we will soon. Love the stripes!

  6. Okay ;) I'll just say I'm feeling a little envious of all this garden beauty Ricki! Our yard is about to become a construction site so there will be no gardening for me sadly. In the meantime I am enjoying my bloggers beautiful floral posts. Your hydrangea are lovely! xxleslie

  7. Your flowers are fabulous! I keep hoping our blue hydrangeas will get with it, multiply -- they did great at our last house. Maybe it's the soil here. At any rate, have a great weekend!

  8. Maybe he thinks that gazing ball is trying to hypnotize him!

  9. Beautiful RJ. I love the white container and those petunias but hydrangeas the are always a favorite of mine. Lovely gardens.

  10. Everything is so pretty at your house! Finlay is adorable too.

    I didn't know about Lady Liberty being showered with roses. Glad you told us that.

  11. How lovely! I enjoy your photos of flowers much more than the real ones (what with them making me sneeze and all). I trimmed back the roses pretty severely this year (they get so TALL!) and now they're blooming like crazy. Odd how that happens. But thanks for sharing about the D-Day remembrance...I know the UK does things, but I didn't realize we do as well.

  12. What a great post! I hadn't heard about the 1 million rose petals over the statue of liberty in honor of D-Day. How beautiful!!! I also love all the other blooms you featured. i pinned this on my Blooms Pin Board.
    Shana from

  13. RJ,
    I'd love to find the striped petunias. Your flowers all look so pretty and must make you smile each time you're outdoors. Findlay has grown up!

  14. You have such beautiful flowers! We are not in summer bloom time yet here.

  15. What a sweet PUPPY/photo bomber! I just want to squeeze him! :)
    I would have loved to see the Statue of Liberty covered in roses too. I bet that was spectacular!
    I don't think I have ever seen pics of your front yard....Very nice! :) Thank you for joining in and sharing this fun post on Fresh-Cut Friday. It was perfect!

  16. Hello Ricki Jill
    Your garden is wonderful - such a beautiful display of petunias.
    I've made a mental note to order some azaleas to plant for next Spring - I'm in New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere so it's winter here!
    I love your "Flowers" sign!
    Have a happy summer

  17. Hi Ricki Jill,

    Your flowers made me smile. Gorgeous photos, a cutie patootie canine and a wonderful tribute to those courageous soldiers who risked their lives for their country's freedom.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  18. Your flowers are so pretty and that Finlay is just the cutest thing. Great blue and white vase with the hydrangeas. Is it antique?


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