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Literary Friday: Dark Wolf

Friday, May 30, 2014

Literary Friday

Happy Friday, My Lovelies!  Sorry to get this post up so late, but it has been a busy morning, and I was up until 1:30 helping our daughter study and edit papers due today.

I haven't read much lately….(I know, right?!?  Not like me AT ALL!!!)  But recently I did read Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan.  This is the twenty-fifth book in her Dark [Carpathian] series, and the second book in the wolf trilogy within the series.  This book is Skylar and Dimitri's story, and fans have been waiting for it for years.  Two of my favorite books in the series are about Skylar's adoptive parents and aunt and uncle.  I like the world Feehan has created in this series, but this book reminded me of why I stopped reading it in the first place:  The weird made-up Carpathian language, spells, and chants are just too much.  I don't want to waste my time looking in the glossary to read what the nonsense means.  UGH!

I know that this was a huge undertaking for Ms. Feehan: The pressure is on because expectations from the fans have been high.  Skylar and Dimitri's story should have been one of her more romantic, but instead it contains torture and lots of information about an impending Carpathian/Lycan war. The book doesn't read like her earlier books at all, and it seems like the book was written by a committee.  There is lots of repetition about Skylar's past and her amazing abilities.  Given her background, her talents shouldn't shock anyone in the Carpathian community.  Also, I was expecting to read more about Dimitri.  I always thought he was a bad @$$, but not so much in this book. Big.  Disappointment.  I also thought I read some discrepancies between this book and previous books.  For example, Skylar's mother Francesca lives in France in Dark Legend. She and Gabriel have a home there and are rearing their family there, so why all of a sudden are they talking about the family living in London with no explanation?

The first nine books of this series are worth reading.  I like them all and love about six of them.  Dark Legend and Dark Guardian are books 8 and 9 in the series, but you should start with book 1 and read them in order.

Dark Wolf book trailer

What have you been reading?

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Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Hi RJ, I know you like this paranormal stories. :) I just never got into them. But I have to say that this does sound interesting. I'm sorry that it was as fun a read as you had hoped. :(

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for hosting!

    P.S. You should go to bed early....

  2. That's pretty much exactly why I don't like when authors have series that go past 10 books. They're usually ghost-written after that, or they lose track of all the details, and then it's frustrating for folks who feel kinship with those characters. :(

    I'm glad, though, that you're getting a moment to read again!

  3. Sounds interesting but I don't think it is the type of book I would be interested in at the moment I am reading/listening to a couple of different books one is an old book it was my mums book I like some old books and I am also listening to a Kerry Greenwood book she is one of my favourite authors I have a number of favourite authors

  4. Aww, bummer this was kind of a let down. Is Dark Prince the first in this series? I have that one, but haven't cracked it open yet.

  5. I hope you're next read is better :)


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