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Musical Monday: Nickel Creek Reunites!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Monday morning!  Are you in the mood for some alternative bluegrass?  I hope so because last Wednesday night, Mr. Art @ Home took me on a date to see Nickel Creek.  We've followed their career since they were very young.  We haven't missed any of their performances in Birmingham, and it was a joy to hear them perform at the historic Alabama Theatre again.

Birmingham was the first stop on their Spring Tour 2014

The band played many of my favorites, and I enjoyed the songs from their new CD A Dotted Line.

I wanted to share my favorite song with you today:  The Lighthouse's Tale

"The Lighthouse's Tale" lyrics

I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and the waves.
I keep my lamp lit, to warn the sailors on their way.

I'll tell a story, paint you a picture from my past.
I was so happy, but joy in this life seldom lasts.

I had a keeper, he helped me warn the ships at sea.
We had grown closer, 'till his joy meant everything to me.

And he was to marry, a girl who shone with beauty and light.
And they loved each other, and with me watched the sunsets into night.

And the waves crashing around me, the sand slips out to sea.
And the winds that blow remind me, of what has been, and what can never be.

She'd had to leave us, my keeper he prayed for a safe return.
But when the night came, the weather to a raging storm had turned.

He watched her ship fight, but in vain against the wild and terrible wave.
In me so helpless, as dashed against the rock she met her end.


Then on the next day, my keeper found her washed up on the SHORE.
He kissed her cold face, that they'd be together soon he'd swore.

I saw him crying, watched as he buried her in the sand.
And then he climbed my tower, and off of the edge of me he ran.


I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and the waves.
And though I am empty, I still warn the sailors on their way.

from Jimmy Fallon
How I Wrote That Song: Nickel Creek, "Helena"

"Love of Mine" from the new CD

"Love Of Mine" lyrics

Love of mine when you're born I tell myself that you'll never die.
And I throw my arms around the girl who finds you, 
‘Cause the world is rosier 
through your eyes. 

I don't suppose you caught her name. 
Never mind I'll just name her after you, love of mine.
I'll fashion her into a sweet long legged icon making all praise holier.

Oh, but she gave us to each other.
The only thing she's done for me that you could never do. 
For that she'll always be remembered. 
After she discovers I don't love her half as much as you.

Love of mine when she goes why can't you stay, 
here with me. 

Love of mine when you die I tell myself that you'll never live. 
Even as I curse the girl who says she'll find someone worthier of the gift. 
Someone who wants to share it with her, 
far away from those who take you to have and to hold.
Now I'm stuck here trying to not remember, 
for all these pretty words it wasn't her but love that I adored. 
It's my love I adored. 

Love of mine when you're born I tell myself that you'll never die.

What have you been listening to lately?  Join Miss Angie @ Musical Monday!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh man, I just had someone introduce me to Nickelcreek's music! The Lighthouse's Tale is's beautiful, and bittersweet, and man did they pick the perfect song to suck me in. I didn't know that I liked bluegrass, but a different friend got me hooked to the Alison Krauss/Union Station albums and I had no idea how much great music was in the genre! I'm a bit embarrassed at my ignorance about it before, especially as a musician, as I shouldn't make assumptions about a genre before actually HEARING said genre. And the musicians are so fantastic, they are clearly masters of what they do. ...Sorry I totally just geeked out hahahah. I don't know many people who listen to bluegrass though, so this made me so happy :)

  2. Beautiful lyrics and I love the sound of her violin.

  3. You always introduce me to music I've never heard. I haven't been listening to music as much lately. But we have the IPOD on shuffle in the car. That's always fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. I love Nickle Creek. :-)
    How fun to see a blog post about them. My boys love The Fox. :-)

  5. Wow- I have never heard of them. That first song is just haunting, isn't it? Love it. Thanks-I am going to listen to it again-and the other one, too- xo Diana


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