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Fun, Easy Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Morning!  I wanted to share with you some fun ideas to bring spring and color into your home. I'll be fluffing the nest this weekend, so I plan on trying most of these ideas!

1.   While spring cleaning, why not keep your fun, colorful dishtowels handy in a vintage French wire laundry basket?  I would love to find one of these for an inexpensive price.  I've collected tea towels and dish towels since Mr. Art @ Home and I were first married!

2.   Bring in hardy house plants that are hard to kill!  A hardy plant list is available @ iVillage.

3.   Okay admit've seen color coordinated books on Pinterest and have always wanted to try it.  Try it because it's free!
Sources unknown

4.   Don't forget your spring dining table.  Napkins are an easy and less expensive way to dress-up your table for spring.  
The top two are from World Market, and the bottom Shabby Chic.

5.   Feeling crafty?  What about this AH-dorable decoupage wall art?
from BH&G

6.   I love the look of flowers in old tins.  I'm saving mine for little floral arrangements like these.

7.   Don't forget fragrance!  I love this shabby chic inspired etched honeysuckle filled candle.
from Pier 1

Have you fluffed the nest for spring yet?  Tell me about it!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love that you have collected kitchen towels since you were married. I love all your ideas too. My books are color coordinated. It's actually easier to find them now, because I tend to remember what color the book was. I don't have any bright pink books; pink is unusual book color or must be specific to a genre that I have not bought.

  2. So many clever ideas, loved them all and thanks for sharing...loved the flowers on the bookcase, so pretty

  3. Fun and fresh ideas.

    My books are color coordinated in our bedroom and it is great because I don't often remember a title of a decorating book, but I remember the color.

    I am so jealous of your lovely linens.

  4. You have a lot of cute fluffy ideas here; I like the vintage kitchen towels on display and the bouquet in a bright tin. You inspire me to buy some colorful spring napkins for our Easter table. Books sorted by color, not so much, I prefer by subject. Is that cuz I am a librarian? LOL

  5. These are such great, happy ideas! I am in love with your tea towel collection. They MUST be displayed! And I like the idea of color coordinating books, so pretty!

    Happy Easter to all of you!


  6. I love your sweet tea towel collection. Cute idea. I forgot to mention in your last post the painting you did of the bridge for Shanley Belle’s cottage, awesome!
    Happy Easter RJ...

  7. Loving these ideas! I haven't been fluffing this week...too busy with other things. I must admit the outdoors are calling me more than the indoors.

  8. I love the tea towels, so adorable. I am in love with the wall art. I am inspired by that one and the tins are so cute too! Next weekend will be Spring Cleaning for me, unless I finish the slide show today then I will start. I am so ready for freshness.

  9. I've fluffed a little but am waiting for really warm weather...who knows when that will arrive! All your inspiration is wonderful. Hope you enjoy the weekend and Happy Easter!


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