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Friday Confessional 4/18/14

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Friday!  It's time for Friday Confessional hosted by Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love!

I confess…

I confess that we took way too many road trips the past month:

1.  Atlanta, GA for a horse show
2.  Charlotte, NC to bring home Finlay
3.  Two trips to Tuscaloosa (not far, but hard work) moving Shanley into her cottage.

TOO MUCH I tell ya, but all were worth it.  I confess that I'd do it all over again!

I confess…

I confess that I'll be happy when Lent is over Sunday!  Plus I love Easter. Giving up sarcasm has been difficult, but I confess that it's made me a much nicer person!

I confess…

I confess that I tried to find the Candy Crush candy everywhere, and everyone around here has sold out of it.  I wanted it for my own self the girls' Easter baskets, but, alas, it was not meant to be...

I wanted the color bombs.  Have any of you tried it yet?

I confess…

I confess that I have too many wonderful project ideas but little time to do them.  Puppy Finlay is taking up most of my time these days!  He's so dang cute!  I confess that I really need to finish donating and organizing books around here!!!  I do have a great start on this project, and I'll post the end results when I'm done.  I confess that I've been trying to complete this project since January!  I'm being relentless…only keeping books I would like to read again at some point and sharing the rest.  Plus, I've been very good about my weekly visits to the library!

I confess…

I confess that there are three books this year that will cause me to drop everything and I mean everything to read them!  My poor family had better get ready for this for dinner:

Here are the books responsible for my (future) familial neglect:

I confess…

I confess that I have a new guilty pleasure:  Korean dramas.  If you didn't think I was already odd enough, this should confirm it.  My oldest daughter started watching Hana Yori Dango while she was in high school (Japanese) and then she watched the Korean version Boys Over Flowers.  The entire season is on Netflix now *squee*   I confess that I'm enjoying watching it with my youngest daughter.

Boys Over Flowers series trailer

Stand by Me by SHINee
Theme for Boys Over Flowers

What do you have to confess?

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Road trips are fun and you've had a busy month, that's for sure! I confess...I'm addicted to hiking here lately and that's all I think about. When can we go next....and where! Have a blessed weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  2. I confess....I'm now intrigued and want to watch K-dramas (this is a thing...I know several bloggers who rave about K-dramas, and Boys Over Flowers is one I've heard of well as a cute-sounding coffee shop one whose title escapes me). I wish I could adjust my routine ASAP so I could have time to watch things! I only have time on Saturdays, when I'm not doing Printcess stuff or house chores. :(

  3. My mom-in-law just got a new puppy too, they do take a lot of time in the beginning! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  4. So fun to read what you have been up to!!! And you have a new puppy?! You are one busy girl!

  5. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD K-DRAMAS!!!! Promise me you will watch Coffee Prince. Promise! It's got my all time favourite actor - Gong Yoo (who is SUPER hunky, but also just a really fantastic actor) and the best slow burn romance and swapped gender role things and it's THE BEST. Like it's legitimately in my top 10 favourite tv shows of all time.

    Sorry. I sound like a crazy person haha! Hana Yori Dango is actually one of my least favourite story lines...but I not only read the manga, I've seen the anime and both the K and J dramas! ...I really don't know why, I just have no self control clearly haha! (I think the relationship is abusive, but it's a problem that's pretty frequently displayed in Asian dramas of any sort so...*shrugs* take that as you will.)

  6. wow, lot's of fun stuff!!
    I confess, I'm spending waaay too much time out in the garden lately...I never make dinner anymore..they survive, lol!!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Noooooo! Not more incredible books for me to lust after!!!!

  8. RJ,
    I confess, time if flying by this year and I don't know where January and February got off to, let alone March.
    Having a new puppy is very much like having a new baby, right? How fun.
    I'll have to look into these Korean dramas.

  9. Ooo! I didn't know there was real Candy Crush candy! I want, even though I'm stuck on Level 410, lol.


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