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Mardi Gras Tablescape in the Breakfast Room

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good morning!  I decorated our breakfast room table for Mardi Gras.  I confess that I really don't like the garish gold, bright green, and K&B purple colors of carnival.  I actually dislike them all…..however, my family loves to celebrate, and I grin and bear it!

 photo 5395ef9d-743c-4f4f-92d9-d107535b2ad0.jpg

I started with a linen dotted table runner with Mardi Gras colored dots plus blue.  Then I added some things we bought at Rouse's grocery store in New Orleans when we were visiting during Christmas.  I also found some wonderful candles and holders at Pier 1 after Christmas.  The greens and golds are perfect for Mardi Gras.

 photo 5b073b9b-7a7e-47f2-a9c2-b949d35d2561.jpg

 photo 2d55910c-e5be-4b70-a388-2793c476055b.jpg
This candle holder and candle from Pier 1 was part of the Christmas collection, but I think it's the perfect Mardi Gras green.

 photo 41e4d69a-5f5a-4d1f-9fe6-b8ef01285356.jpg
The fun votives were also bought at the Pier 1 after Christmas sale.  

 photo 0a279883-a5d4-482d-96b6-458a2ede7dcb.jpg
I cheated and bought flowers from Winn Dixie!  I didn't feel like making a trip to the flower market.

 photo b7074a7c-da23-4aae-9de4-6fde27bb4ee7.jpg
Mardi Gras primrose!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Gorgeous Ricky Jill, you have inspired me to create something for Mardi Gras, as I have haven't before! I love the planter, soo cute!

  2. I think you did a beautiful job of toning it down a little. The Mardi Gras colors are usually a bit much for me too.

  3. What fun Ricki! Mardi Gras is a little silly;) and there's always lots of color! Have fun today:)

  4. Well first....I cannot believe you have a flower market! I am SO JEALOUS! And I do love's one color I find that goes with everything in my house. Not a huge purple fan, though.

  5. Love how you decorated your table for Mardi Gras. It's fun and I'm sure your girls and hubs will love it. Love the runer RJ.........

  6. Even though the colors are a bit garish, your table looks festive and fun, not loud at all. Well done! :D I'm a fan of gold and green as a combo, though usually a less bright gold and a more earthy green. That probably all goes back to the knight I fell in love with when I was 17, whose colors were gold and green....*le sigh*
    *ahem* Anyway....great job- and I love that you incorporated the crown. Are you going to make a King Cake? Beignets? Something with beads? :)

  7. You have got me thinking about a Mardi Gras table, I think I could shop the house to put one together. The crown is very unique and coloful.
    Cathy's cupboard Calamity<:)

  8. I think it works! It looks pretty and whimsical!

  9. RJ,
    I love the runner, it sings spring to me. How fun that your family enjoys the celebration and it's so nice that the purple African violet blends perfectly. I've never been to New Orleans but have always wanted to go. This is a little sample for me. :-)

  10. You had me at the polka dot runner.

    I'm not one for decorating for Mardi Gras, but you make it look so fun.

  11. Only you can make Mackenzie Childs fit into a Mardi Grad set up! ;)

  12. Cute idea to put the McK-C pot into the crown. Perfection!

  13. You did a really good job of decorating in those colors when you really didn't want to! You are a great sport. I almost bought a headband in Pier 1 yesterday (where you found some of your items for your vignette) that had a crown on top of it very similar to the one that the pretty little primrose is in. Then I remembered that I have no where to wear Mardi Gras party invitations for me...gotta work this weekend anyway. Are you cooking New Orleans food for your family to go on that cute table?

  14. Your pot in the crown is such a fun touch Ricki Jill! Love your dotted runner!

  15. How pretty Ricki! I adore Mardi Gras colors. They are so happy and pretty together!


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