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The Morning After

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I hate waking-up to a mess in my kitchen….especially after a party.  My sweet artist friend Karyn can find humor in anything, but I must give her kudos for finding beauty in an after party mess.

 photo 2bee990f-45e1-44ce-9dfe-4009f9be3d3e.jpg

Karyn Mosley
"The Morning After"
24" X 18" (I think)
oil on canvas

You can tell from her art that Karyn makes art class fun!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh I know what you mean. I always feel sooo guilty when I wake up and there are wine glasses on the kitchen island and all the tell tale signs of the party that was. But, hey, I tried to remind myself that these are all the fun moments in life that you need to enjoy and not guilt over. Her gorgeous painting would certainly remind me of that!!

  2. You’re so right the painting looks beautiful!

  3. Wasn't sure what this post was going to be about. Lol!! How are you fairing? Is it snowing or icy there?

  4. Beautiful painting! I'm like you though. I have to clean it up before I go to bed. Can't stand to wake up to a messy kitchen or dining room. ;-)

  5. I confess that sometimes I don't have my sink free of dishes when I go to used to drive me nuts but I am much better now at going with the flow! Hope you are well ~ Ann

  6. Where are all of the crumpled up napkins? That is lovely and makes me envious of the good time had.

  7. I hate getting up to a mess in the morning too. That painting is definitely too pretty to be a mess. xo Laura

  8. Beautiful painting. You must be so inspired to work with so many artist! She is has talent like you!

  9. Her painting is beautiful and fun! She is so talented. I hate waking up to a mess too. :)


  10. Love it! and yes I too hate waking up to a mess the next morning.

  11. What a gorgeous painting! Love it! My dirty dishes don't look as pretty as those!


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