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Fresh Cut Friday: Deck the Halls!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy First Friday!!!  Liz @ Rose Vignettes hosts Fresh Cut Friday every first Friday of the month. This month is all about holiday celebrations.

We've been decking the halls for Christmas in our home.  Believe it or not, we don't have many Christmas decorations other than tree ornaments. When we first married, we were living in New Orleans, and New Orleanians take a more European approach to decorating for Christmas with greenery and flowers.

We still don't have all of our halls decked yet because we wait a little closer to Christmas and keep our decor up through Twelfth Night.  But we have already started with poinsettias.  I love them!

 photo bb406a46-4003-4ad4-956f-2e9d3d653fc7.jpg

 photo 3a941e97-7e45-4038-a54b-4713f9a15694.jpg

 photo e0f10ea7-3898-4315-a3c6-c7771ebaba71.jpg

 photo 6df270d1-0e84-45ee-930d-46fd76b918d9.jpg

In case you missed it, I made my very first advent wreath last week.  I will probably need to replace some of the greenery closer to Christmas.

 photo 3ba9710d-bbb9-4cd1-a5a2-76a7e06326ba.jpg

Nothing says Southern like cotton and pine.  This little basket of cheer is hanging in our family room.

 photo 8b7c0d50-44f1-4aa9-bba7-374bd27856e1.jpg

I usually have at least one fresh flower arrangement in our home.  This one is on our kitchen table.  It was easy to make:  three roses, fresh greenery, a glass cylindrical vase, felt, twine, and a small ornament.  So inexpensive and easy!

 photo dedc1160-5a09-42a8-b1ab-51ef9e1c0263.jpg

 photo c6867291-f41f-43aa-8276-ad14cf8c1a27.jpg

I like the wreath-like quality of the baby tears fern.  I might hang tiny little ornaments on it later (if I can find them).

 photo 133c011b-b7b2-4b09-b9a5-3f3601b252c6.jpg

I also have several poinsettias in the family room and other rooms in the house.  Maybe I'll post more photos when we bring in more holly, ivy, and mistletoe!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Lovely.....

    Oh yes! More, more, more photos!

    Love decorations of all kinds.

    And I love peeks inside the homes of bloggers.



  2. Ricki Jill, taking a break from putting up the Christmas tree. Love seeing what you are doing in your home for the holidays. Cold here, and I suspect it is where you are too. My tree is full of McK-C touches so I'm thinking about you and the others who love the same. ;-)
    Happy Holidays, dear friend……..Sarah
    PS - my blog is not updating on blog rolls, but I've been posting. Frustrating!

  3. Your decorations look lovely. I have decorated our home, but the lighting is so bad today could not take pictures. Hopefully will get some tomorrow.

  4. I love all your poinsettias... and that rose arrangement is so lovely! :)
    I'm so glad you joined in for Fresh-Cut Friday. Your decor is perfect.

    P.S. Where did you get your dining room chairs??? I love them.

  5. Gorgeous! Everything is lovely...especially the white roses!

    1. This is a cheerful visit to your home since I"m icebound in Texas. Happy Holidays! xo Jenny

  6. I love your poinsettia with a hint of pink in the middle of the leaves - it looks perfect for your home. Do the cotton boles stay like that or do they all fall apart as they dry out. I've never seen one in real life.

  7. It's all favorites are the cotton and the rose arrangement. Those green berries just make it sing! I think I am almost finished sewing...I feel like I've been hidden away for weeks! I'm ready for a break...glad you like your pillow cover. Can't wait to see it in your home. Happy Weekend friend!

  8. I love everything you have done! It's just the right amount of red, green, white, and nature. XOXO

  9. I love the three white roses with the greenery. That just screams Winter to me, but is also soft and feminine. Yay!

  10. Your decorations are lovely and I especially like the tall plant stand. I have a poinsettia on the porch and hope to buy some more today. Our home town is called "The Poinsettia City".

  11. Oh, how I wish our climate was more friendly to the natural elements of Christmas decorating. About the only that does work are poinsettias. Yours look just beautiful. I bought some fresh greenery last year at Trader Joe's and had to keep soaking it every couple of days and misting it daily -- it still got dry very quickly! Oh well, I can almost smell yours!

  12. When I see poinsettias I think of my nanna she loved them along with Christmas bush

  13. beautiful decorations!!!
    i bet it smells so fresh and happy in your beautiful home:)
    have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I have never seen fresh mistletoe--anytime I see it, it's all dried up and wrinkly. If you use it, I'd like to see a picture.

  15. I love your fresh greenery. Very elegant RJ!

  16. Your poinsettias are beautiful. I love the pots they are in.

  17. RJ,
    So pretty. I love the white poinsettias. I wasn't able to find any pretty ones this year...I've stuck with red, but they're pretty and full so I'm happy.

  18. love all your decorations! especially the cotton and pine basket, so cute!!!

  19. Hi Ricki,

    Your fresh cedar wreath is so pretty and so are those cylindrical vases! Great idea. Cotton and pine.. I don't usually add cotton and I did not know this was a southern tradition (oh no!) The white poinsettias are my favorite and yours is gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying the traditions and festivities of the season. xxleslie

  20. Ricki Jill,
    Your Christmas decorations are so festive, and I love the Snowman. The basket of cheer is so cute too. I like the cotton and pine adorning it. I received an e-mail (not sure what it was) but if you want to know my birthday, please e-mail me, and I will be happy to give it to you.

    Enjoy the Christmas season!


  21. Beautiful. I love white poinsettias, just gorgeous.
    We wait till Twelfth Night to take down our stuff too. If I remember, sometimes it stays up much longer! Oops. :o)

  22. Your decorations are gorgeous! I really like the white poinsettias.


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