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Before You Go Shopping For The Man In Your Life, Read {this.}

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do the men in your life think you're a good gift-giver?  

Sadly, we have a crappy-gift-giving-gene in our family.  My great aunt once gave me a mailbox for Christmas.  And I was eleven.  :/  As fate would have it, I inherited that gene *runs in the corner and hides face in shame*

Mr. Art @ Home hasn't received many gifts from me he's liked, bless his heart.  He even returned our 25th Wedding Anniversary gift.  I did give him a bluetooth for his boat.  He still brags about it….four years later.  He knows that I try {and.  fail…..}

However the smart folks over at the Dollar Shave Club are here to help this holiday season.

Check-out this handy gift infographic to help those of us who need a Christmas Shopping intervention before we waste more money on craptastic Christmas cheer.


And if that didn't convince you, please watch this video.  But be forewarned….I don't want any whiny comments about how it made you spew your warm delicious beverage all over your computer screen!  ;P

American Capitalism At It's Best!!!

I have not been compensated in any shape, form, or fashion for this blog post.

Consider it a public service announcement.

You.  Are.  Welcome!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Creative ad, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ha! We have solved this problem. We discuss gifts before they happen and talk about what we would like to have. Often we pick it out together and everyone is very happy. Surprise gifts don't necessarily bring good surprises.

  3. Too funny!!!

    I'm considered pretty good as a gifter because everyone gives me their list and I buy what is on it. Steve is usually not a good shopper. One year he bought me an iron, yes, an iron for Christmas. And, he bought it at a high end department store even though there was a discount store in the mall. I took it back because of the price and bought other things. I asked him why he bought it at the high end shop and his reply was "that was the end of the mall where I parked". Now, we both shop on-line, put things in our cart and then send a screenshot of the cart to one another. We pick a few things in the cart to buy. It works for us.

  4. Yep I have a hard time shopping for my mister. Poor guy.

  5. Loved the video. It cracked me up!!!!

  6. Oh, I love it! And I love that it's a subscription box service for the men. Yay!

    I'm a pretty good gift-giver/gift-maker but if a guy in my life has very few hobbies (and/or a ton of money and has bought himself everything he wants and needs) I'm usually stuck. I'll definitely avoid travel chess sets and ties, though! :D
    Thanks for sharing!


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