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Friday Confessional 11/15/13

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday, My Sweet Bloggy Friends!  It's been a long time since I've joined Aubrey @ Friday Confessional.  I was contemplating writing a Friday Confessional post on a controversial subject, but I've decided not to do it.  I don't need any more drama in my life at the moment!

I confess…

I confess that I'm actually happy about staying home and in New Orleans for the Christmas holidays.  Usually we take a big trip over Christmas, and I want to stay home this year.

I confess that I'm tempted to buy this tacky ornament!

I confess…

I confess that Marfi @ Incipient Wings is a very generous blogger.  She came up with the best idea for a giveaway, and I confess that I'm just a wee bit jealous!  ;P

Click on this link for Marfi's exceptional giveaway!

If I don't win Marfi's combination of book and throw, here's my combination comfy blankie and book:

I can hide under this while reading…

Methinks it's scareh!

Now why didn't I think of that?  I confess that Marfi is much smarter than I. You might recognize her as one of the hostesses of the Broomsticks on the Bayou link party.

I confess…

I confess that I'm seeing too many pretty cakes to bake lately.  Look at this one:

 photo e1e5d587-5a26-4b6d-8353-7699fe546e44.jpg
I think I'm in love with a cake!  :/

You can find the recipe for this pretty meringue here:

I confess…

I confess that I'm helping with a fundraiser at my daughter's sweet, hippie school.  It is a recipe book filled with only soup recipes for the holidays: Each family will contribute a favorite soup recipe and the history behind it and students will provide the artwork.  I confess that if I'm not blogging much, you'll know the reason why!

This is the cover artwork for the book.  Precious!

I confess…

I confess that I'm intrigued with a book that landed in my inbox:

Umm……   :/

Amazon usually does a pretty darn good job of book suggestions.  Here are the last three books I purchased from them:

Okay, Amazon….grab a clue, will ya???  {but I'm seriously intrigued….does that make me a bad person?}

I confess…

We have something BIG happening on Sunday.  I confess that I'm being a tease and you'll have to wait 'til Tuesday to see what it is!  ;P

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Rachel Khoo , I have her book!! I just adore her show, the cookbook sounds like a wonderful project and I love the artwork,

  2. This is great!!
    I confess, I love that blanket... That ornament is super cute.. And that cake looks like something I have to eat with a spoon...alone...:)

    Enjoyed this so much ... Glad you get to stay home for Christmas this year.
    The recipe book looks fun.. I remember making something like that in school, my mom never measured anything so it was pretty much a guessing game lol!
    Thanks for this Ricki!

  3. Enjoy whatever is a big happening, in your world, on Sun.

    In all our world's, tis the Full Beaver Moon. Enjoy that too....

  4. I confess that I always get a smile on my face when I see you have written an I Confess post as they are always so good and so intriguing and so genuine. I also confess that I've never met anyone with such eclectic reading taste - everything from sweet home decorating to scary.

  5. Oooh! That's an awesome giveaway idea...also would be an awesome swap idea.
    I'm glad your getting a low key Christmas. Sometimes that's the best way to do it. (Although, I always wish I could just drive to the beach on December 1st and not come back until after New Years.)

  6. What a great bunch of confessions, I love giveaways just saying................

  7. Oh I love Rachel Khoo too! I have her cookbook and absolutely love it. Her show is fantastic as well. She cooks amazing food out of the tiniest kitchen with simple utensils. Makes you realize that you don't need to spend a fortune on kitchen gadgets to put out a fabulous meal.
    Uh...the cake...geez RJ....I have been trying to avoid sweets before the Christmas holidays... thank ya.;)

  8. I would be intrigued too if a book like that landed in my mailbox! haha!! I'm sure it will be... interesting, if nothing else! ;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Ricki Jill - I'm looking forward to more time spent with a throw around my shoulders and a book in my hands in the weekends to come!! Just a little more Christmas decorating and shopping to do first. ;)

  9. Bite Me Your Grace? Hmm... Love the title. Vampire, maybe?

  10. I confess...I like the tacky little Christmas ornament. Do you think they make one for South Carolina?

    I also confess...I can't pay too much attention to Amazon's suggestions because I'll spend more money than I should. LOL

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional.

  11. I always love seeing the books you're reading! And I love that blankie. Hope you're enjoying your week my friend!

  12. Now I'm just burning to know if you'll confess about your controversial topic another week! I'm about a month behind in my blog reading, so maybe I'll catch up and read about it... I hope it's juicy!


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