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Bright Christmas

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello, Lovelies!

I'm in a tizzy.

No, really….

I've decided to take down all Thanksgiving decor because we're hosting Spanish Cooking Class for my daughter's HS Geography and Spanish class. They will be eating in multiple rooms, so I need to take it all down.

But that's not why I'm in a tizzy.  Nope!

Do you remember how I've always wanted to redo our master bath?  You've never seen it on my blog, and you never will.  But Mr. Art @ Home decided to "surprise" me with new marble countertops, sinks, and hardware that will be installed tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow morning….at the same time we'll be hosting the Spanish cooking class.

I'm actually in a panic right now.  {seriously}

So in order to try and save Mr. Art @ Home from a slow and painful death  to distract myself, I've been looking at colorful Christmas pretties.  I think on Saturday I'll decorate for Christmas.   It really makes sense because we aren't celebrating Thanksgiving here.

I *heart* this tree from Ikea.  So much fun!

Of course this is from Martha….
I love the traditional urn with a modern twist!

From Etsy
{so cute}

This site gets me into soooo much trouble!

What's your Christmas decorating style?  Bright, traditional, cottage, retro, rustic, or something else?

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh just think how great your 'new' bath will be! I hope everything works out good and you have a wonderful day! I decorate with a lot of vintage I'm all over the place! Love me some Shiny Brites! Sweet hugs! Wish I could come over tomorrow and 'help'! lol

  2. Oooh, I love all of that! That tree is so fun!

    Good luck with the decorations and the bathroom renovations! You deserve it!

  3. yikes! I can see how the bathroom redo would be a little upsetting with company coming, but you know, people are much more esy going than we think and they might be interested in whats going on, its a real home and real stuff happens, I love the fun colorful tree although it would never happen in my home, in this house its a real tree or no tree, lol thats just the way it is, of course we cut it from our own woods so thats probably why, but I like a more natural decorating style, back nature girl that I am, what ever you choose it will be lovely, I just know it,

  4. These are all very festive, Ricki. I guess I'm a bit more traditional. Good luck tomorrow. xo Laura

  5. I am having a panic attack for you! I have pulled out a few decorations - I used to do it all the day after thanksgiving, but thought I would get a jump on it this year. This year I am doing the dining room tree in copper and leopard flowers (sounds tacky, huh?) Good luck!

  6. My style is not having one I think...kind of tag sale (as in there is so much stuff around it looks like a tag sale)...I can feel the envy as you read that! ;)

  7. My Christmas style is pretty traditional. This year I'm planning to do a little more in the bedrooms. Looking forward to having a crowd here

    Your hubby surprised you with all of that? So sweet!!

  8. New countertops are a great gift! So sweet of him.

  9. You poor girl- Well, nothing like a mess during a mess! lol I am pretty traditional, I guess...and maybe a tad romantic. xo Diana

  10. boy your family keeps you on your toes don't they? lol
    I am sure it will all work out just fine.
    Hope you share some photos ;)
    Our christmas changes styles every year but now that the boy is older and getting it I think it is time to pick one style and make it tradition. I lean towards cabin cozy or primitive christmas

  11. I think my Christmas decorating style is all over the place!! I've been thinking about decorating before Thanksgiving too. With Thanksgiving being so late, I feel like I'm losing a week somewhere.
    Can't wait to see your new master bath!

  12. Just keep thinking about how nice it will be to have your new bath. '-)
    It will all work out. Kids probably won't notice. Ha!

  13. Ricki, can you squeeze one more thing in? LOL Have you ordered from An Angel at my Table before? I'm wondering about the shipping to the US. I love the Arcadia Birdcage Mirror! Once I get through hosting Thanksgiving, I will start thinking about Christmas. But one thing I do know for sure, I will be setting up my Mackenzie-Childs tree again this year in the sun room. And probably a Northwoods Tree in the living room so we can enjoy it with when we have a fire in the fireplace.

  14. Oh yes!! I have started room by room. It's my favourite time of the year!

  15. It will be oh so worth it to have a new bath! I'm hoping to tackle a little Christmas decorating next week. Wishing you a stress-free Thanksgiving week!

  16. Your husband is wonderful! Enjoy your new room. Hope you're having a great time. Thanks for popping by my blog.


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