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Color Schemes Inspired by China Patterns

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are you still in love with your china pattern?  Would you use it as a color scheme for a room?

A few weeks ago I was reading House Beautiful, and I saw this feature:

 photo 91f22e84-d544-4485-873c-a4601de90de7.jpg

I think the plate's color scheme is lovely.

Below is my wedding china:  Wedgwood's Rosedale

 photo b775954f-3371-423b-9eff-76a64ff13cfd.jpg

This is the color scheme from the colors in the pattern:

I was surprised that several of the colors in the pattern are quite bright, almost like ice cream shop colors!

I found a room on one of my Pinterest boards that includes all of these colors. What do you think?  Does it look like me?

In addition to the colors in my palette it also has pretty florals that I love, original vintage artwork with gilded frames.  I like it!  I would have this in my home.

Would your china inspire a pretty color scheme for a room in your home? Where do you look for color inspiration?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill

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  1. My China's all white - how boring lol - those are spectacular images ( which I have to pin immediately )
    Your china is lovely!
    I suppose I could do all white on a dark grey wall?
    Great ideas - worth it just to thrift odd pieces of china :)

  2. We are boring our *china* is beige. Just beige.

    I do have my Grandmother's china now. It has pink roses on it!

  3. That looks so you! What a neat concept. We have white china and blue toile china. Not enough to really build a room scheme around unless I get some blue toile wallpaper. ;)

  4. The beautiful china in the first photo would be lovely to have.

    Your china is absolutely beautiful.

    My china is hand me downs from my grandmother and it has been in a box in the attic for 16 years - no room for it. You made me think about it. I might just bring it down from the attic and use it.

  5. Hi RJ,
    As a dish-a-holic, it's hard for me to choose just one pattern I would decorate with but my first set of dishes, Portmerion 'Botanic Garden', was a huge influence in my decor for years and years. I've moved to Villeroy & Boch 'Manior' (simple cream colored) and use my blue and white dishes as second favorites. The room you shared looks exactly like what I perceive your style to be. Fun, colorful and very pretty.

  6. I like the combination of pale/cream warm tones and more jeweled cool tones, though I think too much white in a room makes the darker art look shadowed. We tend to use natural wood tones as accent, here, though right now Fedora and I are debating what color to paint the exterior of our eventual house. He HATES neutrals, and I'm trying to convince him mint green, or something like that Lady Liberty color above. ;)

  7. Those colors are definitely you! So pretty! How did you get those paint chips to show up like that?

  8. Oh that's fun, I love all those different shades!

  9. Definitely you. Thanks for giving me two pretty images to pin. xo Laura

  10. Oh- I love YOUR choices. My china would not inspire my color choices at this point in my life because my tastes have changed...but I still love my china....just not as a base for color. Great post, Ricki Jill- xo Diana

  11. Pretty colors! I'd say definitely fits you, RJ.
    As for our wedding china, it is white with a rim of chocolate brown and then a rim of gold. Funny, but when we married, selected this pattern, and then purchased our first home, we painted the woodwork in our bedroom chocolate brown and the walls white. Our dark wood furniture was campaign style with brass details. It definitely reflected the colors of our wedding china. '-)

  12. first I would have to own china, LOL
    guess that sums me up...

  13. Love your china pattern and I love the room. I am a complete sucker for florals and would love to see them more fashionable again. I have floral wallpaper in my front room, I was going to remove it and paint, then I realized how much I still liked, I am going to keep it and simplify the room in other ways. Wish me luck!

  14. I hoe this makes you china is cream colored...that's it...cream!

  15. I definitely think that room has elements of you. Would you be so brave as to put such different florals together on your chairs? I really see you enjoying a room like that - and adding your own art to the collage on the wall. In fact, I feel like it is very similar in feeling to your kitchen - light, bright, floral, pretty, with touches of pink.

  16. I think that fits you perfectly.
    My china is white and more white. :o/ But I can mix and match it with anything, so that works nicely.

  17. I love your wedding china and I love that room too! Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  18. I love that very first photo of the plates on the wall! Your china is very pretty, and I do think that room looks like you!

  19. I do think this room reminds me of you. And if you don't want it, I'll claim it!

    Did you ever fall out of love with your wedding china and then back in love with it? I did, but then I've had many years to fall in and out of love! My wedding china is Spode's Blue Bird and I don't have a single blue room. But I make it work.

    Oh, Ricki Jill, I have found a new pink accessory for my kitchen that I can't wait for you to see. An Italian lamp with pink fishes on it! Right now it has no shade but I have promised myself one when I lose 5 1/2 pounds more. Then I'll post it and let you know and see what you think about it. Our daughter is in town this weekend and she wants it added to her list in my will! The Italian fish I collect are already on her list!

  20. I have Fiesta Ware, and so our house if filled with bright colors! I love your blog. I found you via Art and Sand. Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  21. Definitely like you Ricki Jill! I have the Sherwins Williams ColorSnap app on my phone, so fun to play around with :) Hope you had a fun Labor Day and enjoyed some lake time!

  22. I'm back for a second look! This is such a fun post, Ricki Jill. Love your wedding china. Yes, still in love with our china pattern and shared it for Favorites today. '-)

  23. What a great and very clever post! I love how your broke it down --- like an artist would! Your palette is delicious, Ricki Jill.
    I love that photo you pinned combining all your colors too. I could sit there all day and be happy and content!

    Great post, and as always... thanks so very much for linking up sweet friend. You are faithful in your First Party attendance!


  24. I love these floral chairs. I have been looking for something like this. They are so pretty and cozy. Yes, I still love my wedding china. I only received two sets, and they are a soft blue. I should use them more often.



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