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Friday Confessional: I May Lack Creativity But I'm VERY Resourceful *PLUS* Changes In the Dining Room

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Friday, so it's time to confess!

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

Thanks for hosting, Aubrey!

A blogger made me do it!  :/  Just kidding, but y'all are definitely inspiring me everyday!

I confess...
I confess that I bought way too many strawberries last weekend.  But never fear, because Jane at Jane's Adventures in Dinner posted a delightful strawberry pizza recipe!

Just a few of the strawberries from the weekend that weren't eaten

The balsamic glaze is the perfect foil to the other ingredients on this pizza.


I confess that I struggled with the pizza dough.  If only I'd watched Leslie's video beforehand!  

I confess...

I confess that I signed-up for Angie and Beth's Chaotic Goddess Books 'n' Bloggers Swap.  Yes, I did.  We're living on a tight budget right now with one child in college and another entering a private HS next year, but our kids are worth it, right?  So....I confess that the family might have to skip a couple of expensive meals so I can participate in the swap.  *wicked grin*

I confess...

I confess that we now have a bar in our dining room.  Why, I have no idea.  We only drink wine, and even I don't drink that much of it because the sulfites always break me out!

Our dining room before:

And after.

I changed out the art, and put-up some art from my Mother-in-Law.  Notice the bar in the corner?

I like the marble top with the shelf.
The painting is one of mine.

The above wine glasses are heavy and cheap.  They are like Weebles...they rarely tip over.  Do you remember Weebles?

I confess...

I confess that I *still* haven't planted my spring containers.  I guess now I might as well plant summer ones. But I really haven't been home much.  But I have it on my calendar:  June 21st, the containers will be done. pitiful.

But in the mean time, we can enjoy these pretty flowers from Etsy:

I would love a cutting garden one day...
I might need to buy this print for our pretty!

I'm exhausted from all this confessing.  I confess need some coffee!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Thrilled you loved the pizza! I have a few more fun ones coming in the next little pit and I can to do a whole series on basic cooking goodies especially some baking tricks. I'll roll along as quickly as I can.

  2. OMG that photo is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. Hi Ricki,

    Your dining room is so soft and pretty, love that butter yellow on the walls, the white moulding and of course, the beautiful marble-topped bar!

    So happy to follow you and looking forward to touring your lovely blog!


  4. Love the dining room redo - lots of warmth and style.

  5. A girl who paints as beautifully as you can not claim not to be creative. Period. You are so talented and I love the way you decorate.

  6. I had so many Weebles as a kid! Love the new dining room.

  7. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing with us.


  8. Your home is beautiful and I like your bar set up! We all have one and I think it's fitting:) There's something about the strawberry, balsamic combination that is amazing.. I need to make this tonight as I too have bought way too may strawberries:)

    (thanks for the shout out!:)

    Enjoy the weekend! xxleslie

  9. I love the new art and how you have arranged it in the dining room
    It really looks amazing.
    Your painting looks great above your bar.
    Of course I remember weebles, LOVE THEM.
    LOL about the plants and I totally hear ya about the schooling, just got B a private school, OUCH.

  10. I have to disagree :) you are a woman of many talents Ricki!!! In fact I always admire you for being a great mom and wife. If God will hopefully make me one, you are one of the persons I always look up to.

    Have a great wekend Ricki!

  11. I loved seeing your dining room and the bar looks great there. The white marble top shows off the glass objects so well. It is really hard to display clear glass sometimes and have it show up well. I always love the look of a pretty bar, especially with vintage bar items, even though wine is about the only thing we would use it for too. I keep bottles of expensive liqueurs that I use for cooking hidden in my cupboard to dole out by the tablespoons in recipes!

    Your change in the arrangement of artwork looks great in the before and after shot!

  12. Yum to that pizza! I bet you could mix up some fun "virgin" drinks at that bar as well. Laughing as I hadn't realized you were planting spring and THEN summer containers!

  13. I have to drink virgin drinks now, but they are still fun. Love the new look of your dining room. xo Laura

  14. I confess I would do a Friday Confessional if it wasn't my super busy day so busy that it is often my day off from blogging............

  15. I love the changes, and your painting looks perfect over the bar.

  16. Yay swappy time! :D
    Heavy and cheap glasses are the best- we need some of those, considering how often we break glasses while hand-washing the dishes. :/
    I love the bar. Have a serving top in a dining room is awesome, as well, but that touch of marble and wood is perfect for the colors and balance in there. Well done!

  17. I hope I can work in the book swap at some point. Looks like so much fun.
    Your dining room looks great. Love that bar!

  18. LOVE strawberries with balsamic glaze...on a pizza would be fantastic! Your decanter painting above your bar is wonderful. I'm woefully behind in planting containers, my violas are leggy and need to be replace with summer annuals...if it would only stop raining :)


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