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We Want to Know Wednesday: School Days

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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It's time for We Want to Know Wednesday, hosted by Kenzie and Scriptor.


{no. 1} How were you as a student?
I was a good student.  I always loved school....I guess I was sort of nerdy.

{no. 2} What was your favorite subject and did you excel in it?
My favorite subjects were English and Math.  I was a better mathematician, but I ended-up minoring in English in college.

{no. 3} What - if any - is your fondest school years memory?
This is a tough question.  I remember pep club meetings and painting signs for varsity football games.  That was fun, and it was social.  I also had fun with my two best friends, the two Susans.  I also remember dances at the Country Club and hanging out with friends at Smith Lake.

{no. 4} Did you attend college and if so, how was that experience?
I went to college and graduate school.  I liked both, but academically I liked graduate school better.

{no. 5} Would you go back to school - be it in person or online - if you could?
I would love to go back to school (in person) and get my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) just for the fun of it.

To prove what a nerd I am, this is the University of Alabama's Denny Chimes playing Hedwig's Theme from the Harry Potter movie series.  Alabama has other sports besides football, and quidditch is one of them!  ;P

During Quidditch on the Quad
My daughter played for the Vatican's team.  She's a bigger nerd than I!

We can't wait for school to be out and summer to begin!  YAY!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I admire anyone that goes on to graduate's a long haul. And it's funny, I always that you were either good in math or English, not both! Yay for you!


  2. How fun to read all of your answers.

    When you said pep squad meeting and making signs for varsity football games, you brought back a flood of memories.

  3. Though grad school is harder, it is a lot more fun, in my opinion. More freedom.

  4. You are so adorable. I guess I was/am a nerd too! LOL How did Alabama do in Quidditch this year?

  5. Hey being a geek (nerd) is fashionable these days

  6. I loved school. And I still love school supplies.....

  7. Ricki Jill,
    It's so much fun to hear more about you. I was "ASB pep commissioner" in high school. The social and ra! ra! of it all was so much fun.

  8. I really hope Quidditch catches on. I was never great in school, unless the subject caught my interest, then I dived completely in.

  9. I love finding out all this stuff about you! Oh and I have been absent from blogging for a week now and seem to have missed your fabulous new header....I LOVE IT.

  10. You are very brave to say you would go back to school! I don't think I could do it-- I'm tired just thinking about it!


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