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We Want to Know Wednesday: Loves and Technology

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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{no. 1} How connected are you to your phone? Do you always have it on you?  Very connected (?)  Yes.  I do always have it on me.  I wasn't as bad until my oldest daughter started driving!  :/ But I hate it when people mess with their phones at the dinner table, especially in public.  It's rude!  I won't let my kids have their phones at the table.

{no. 2} Would you be able to be away from your computer for an entire week?  Absolutely!

{no. 3} If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be and why? Cell phone, computer, or TV? Definitely TV.  I watch TV on my computer all the time.  Would that be cheating? :/  But it would be difficult to part with my iPad.  I have our whole life on it....calendars, schedules, recipes....That would be difficult.

{no. 4} Do you think you could ever live off the grid? I suppose anything is possible, but I'd probably move to Texas first.  it's the only state with its own grid.  :D

{no. 5} Tell us about a time you disconnected from technology/the world and how you dealt with it. Was it good or bad?  A few years ago we went skiing for a week during Christmas.  (Well to be fair we do that almost every year.)  I didn't mess with any devices.  It was so nice to get a break!  I didn't even ski with an iPod....I listened to nature!

So now you know one of my pet peeves!

Now on to some of my *loves*

[1.]   Lately I've been loving Goodreads.  If you want, please follow me over there and I'll follow you back!  Click on the yellow G icon under the Connect With Me heading at the top of my sidebar!

[2.]   Lately I've been loving Panna Cotta.  It's been very hot this week, and Panna Cotta is such a creamy and yummy dessert.  Stop by tomorrow for a recipe!

Doesn't it sound yummy!

[3.]   Lately I've been loving aloe vera.  I got a nasty burn on Saturday!

[4.]   Lately I've been loving BB creams.  Clinique's CC Cream is my favorite!

[5.]   Lately I've been loving my iPad.  I spite of today's questions for WWTKW, I do love it.  And I love its little stand that makes it so easy to use in the kitchen!  :D

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I agree about phones at the table. My kids are still young but the same applies to tablets. I don't let my son bring his Nexus when we go to restaurants, even though that would be easier!

  2. This was an interesting set of questions. I wonder how the answers would vary with age.

    We gave away the TV years ago.

    I only took my iPod skiing once. I was lost in the song and wasn't paying attention - bad fall - and I had not fallen in years. I have my phone with me so we can connect for lunch - no one in the family wants to ski with me.

  3. I also said I would give up TV cause I watch all my shows on my laptop.

  4. I love going on our annual cruise because of no computer/cell phones/tv's the only time I've actually been able to put it all away. I am way to connected to my phone/computer..almost a panic if I don't have them near for long period of times. Wonder if there is a group for that like AA or something

    1. There should be! Electronic device "addiction" (for lack of a better term) is something that has been studied, and exists. Not in extremes, but in working class folk. because we rely on those phones/computers for the majority of our information and communication. It's be the equivalent of a break down in postal services across the nation in the 1800s...suddenly cut off. Only worse, as we have SO MUCH information coming into our brains regularly. Stands to reason there'd be a support group to help with the stress...

  5. The BB cream is all the rage and that Martha S, cake looks SO good. I like the Q&A. Technical advancements have really changed things.


  6. Can't wait for your looks so cool and refreshing, even with the chocolate.

    I have been wondering what these creams do. What does the Clinique CC cream do, I love their products.

    I can totally live without TV and if I'm busy, no computer. Like you, I need my phone to stay in touch with the kids.


  7. I think so many of our "devices" these days are interchangeable, we never really have to be without anything unless we want to! iPads, cell phones, lap tops, smart TVs, watching TV shows on-line - take away your iPad, and you can still do so much with a smart phone or lap top... It's kind of amazing!

  8. But how do you turn the page or zoom in to a recipe when you have dough or whatnot on your hands? I can get most of it off and just grease-stain a page in a cookbook, but a screen? Hrm...

    Panna cotta looks...interesting. That pic reminds me of flan, but I've never made it so I really have no idea what it tastes like.

    And how do you like the CC cream? I've been looking at several, but I have super dry skin and most product seems to accentuate my wrinkles and large pores, instead of covering them and moisturizing. Do you use it with a foundation, or by itself?

  9. I KNEW we were separated at birth! Fellow Clinique user, ipad addicted and Goodreads. C:

  10. I couldn't agree more with phones at the table, and I hate when I am talking to someone and they are texting on their phone ha ha. But I am crazy connected to my phone too!
    I love GoodReads too!! I can't stay off of that darn site, it's so awesome for keeping track of everything.
    Isn't Aloe Vera wonderful? It is my go to for sunburns.
    I really, really want an iPad :D
    Thanks so much for linking up with us! Hope you are having an amazing week so far!!

  11. I'm a total addict...but I generally mind my manners at the table. Unless I "need" to take a picture of the company I'm with or the awesome food...I hate not having my camera very close by.
    I need to update my's been awhile since I was on there.
    Can't wait for the dessert recipe tomorrow!

  12. Yeah I agree about people talking loudly on their phone at the table get up and walk to somewhere more private.............that is what I would do.....

  13. I agree that phones at the table are rude! I have a few girlfriends who do that when we go to lunch, and I want to toss their phones out the window!

  14. I agree with the phone-dining etiquette! It's rude to act as if you are not with someone :)

    Have a great day Ricki!

  15. Good morning! I have to try that cream. I hate too cell phones at the dinner table. Not allowed at our house either. Have a great day. Your blog looks great too btw.

  16. tv on your computer is not cheating! lol. and i hate it when i go to dinner and everyone is on their phones. annoying!

  17. I am with you 100% regarding phones/texting at the table even at home!

    Oh, tell me more about BB. I read some other blogs were people who couldn't live without it. I am so behind with things. LOL

  18. So you did use aloe. Did it help? Did your burn blister or just gradually fade.


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