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10 Things to Smile About This Month

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I think this is a great idea for a monthly swap hosted by Emmy @ Emmy Mom.

I've had much to smile about this month!  Here's my list of ten things:

1.  Beach Trip:  Seeing my sweet college friend (Christine, center) at the beach with her family
Christine and Otto's daughters are so sweet!

 Spending time with my girls and their friends at the beach
So nice having everyone together!

Art at Home

2.  My blog's new look, thanks to Miss Angie!

3.  It's time for Birmingham's first Montessori High School.  
Plus, school is out for summer!  YAY!

4.  The first book sent to me by a publisher for review

5.  Cooking panna cotta for the first time!

6.  Retail therapy

7.  Horse show season

8.  Another great overnight oatmeal recipe
It's so nice when breakfast is ready when I wake up!

9.  Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies from the book Apron Anxiety.

10.  Lightening up for spring around the house!  I'll post more changes later.

I hope you'll join Emmy and share!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. YOU HAD A BOOK SENT TO YOU?!?!?!? Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed! I must make that oatmeal (I must start doing things that I swear I must do!!!)

  2. Sweet post! Where did you find the cute bowls?

  3. Yes such great thing to smile about............

  4. What a great list!! Your blog looks great, very bright and clean. Excited to hear your review of the book, always looking for new things to read.

    I really want chocolate chip cookies now!

    Thanks so much for linking up, loved your list it made me smile too!

  5. You have had a very hard month, I am so glad you had all this goodness too!

  6. Oh how I love the food! Among other things, why do I always see food first? haha

    Have a great day Ricki!

  7. What a wonderful list! Love that you got a book sent to you! Congrats!

  8. Love how simple your list is. Cookies look delish! I hope summer break is good for you all :) Enjoy your book review too x


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