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Literary Friday: Clockwork Princess

Friday, March 29, 2013

I was so happy when Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare was released on March 19th on our 25th wedding anniversary.  :D  But I must say that I approached reading the book with much fear and loathing as I knew that there was no way it could end happily.  After all, Cassie said that the series is a loose retelling of A Tale of Two Cities, and everyone remembers how that book ended for Sidney Carton.  Because I love most of the characters in the Infernal Devices series, especially Will and Jem, I didn't want a sad ending for anyone.  What a conundrum this series has become for me and millions of readers worldwide!

Let me give you a brief synopsis of the series so far.  Tessa Gray has left New York for Victorian London to find her brother who's been working for the evil Mortmain.  Mortmain is building an army of advanced automatons to destroy the Shadowhunters.  Shadowhunters are Nephilim, or children of the angel.  They have superhuman abilities that protect normal people, or Mundanes, from Downworlders (fairies, vampires, werewolves, and warlocks) and demons. Mostly they hunt and kill demons before they harm Mundanes. The question is why does Mortmain hate Shadowhunters so much, and why does he need Tessa Gray to bring about their destruction?

Early in the first book Clockwork Angel, Will rescues Tessa from Mortmain's clutches, and the London Institute doesn't know what to do with Tessa.  She has abilities like a warlock, but she is unmarked.  What exactly is she? Will's best friend and parabatai Jem becomes infatuated with Tessa, and Tessa has feelings for both Will and Jem.  Jem is dying from a demon attack, and the only thing that's keeping him alive is a drug that will also kill him eventually.  Will is cruel to everyone except Jem, and he pushes everyone away because he's harboring a devastating secret.  Although the love triangle between Tessa, Will, and Jem is a big part of the series, don't be fooled into thinking that the series is only about them.  Magnus Bane plays a huge role in the story, and some of the minor plots are intriguing, too.

Psst!  I'm Team Jem all the way....but don't tell Will.  LOVE Will, but I've always had a thing for musicians.  ;P

So the big question is: Who will Tessa choose if she is even given the choice?  The second big question: What exactly is Tessa?  Let me just say that Cassie is a literary genius.  Although I cried the entire second half of the book, Entertainment Weekly was correct in saying that Clockwork Princess does have a satisfying ending....if you can make it to the Epilogue, of course!  ;P  But please make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand and chocolate.  You'll need it!

In case you missed it I'm Team Jem.

As much as I love TMI (The Mortal instruments), I think I like this series a wee bit better. Cassandra Clare makes Victorian London come alive, and I like the Steampunk vibe of the series.  Clare also includes literary quotes at the beginning of each chapter that relate to the chapters' content.  I truly enjoyed the quotes in this installment because she quoted one of my favorite poets Gerard Manley Hopkins several times.  Clare's books make me want to channel Grigg from The Jane Austen Book Club.  He read every book referenced in his assigned book, Northanger Abbey.  I would love to slowly read through the Infernal Devices series and do the same.  Does that make me a nerd?  ;P

I have stated before that I think Cassandra Clare is by far the best young adult writer, and she just keeps improving with each and every book she writes.  She is starting a new series based in present-day Los Angeles called The Dark Artifices with Emma Carstairs as the heroine. *squee*

Clockwork Princess trailer

You can read my review of Clockwork Angel here and Clockwork Prince here.

I hope you're enjoying Holy Week.  We have had a nice time visiting with family and relaxing. Have a blessed Good Friday!

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. Oh the trailer gave me chills! I have got to start reading this series. Okay so tell me how to read it because I know she started writing the City of Bones series first and then intermixed these books...Where do I start what order do I read them in...akkk I want to read now but have to much work to do.

    Great review! Oh and I have to read Tale of Two Cities again.


  2. It's been since junior year of high school that I read A Tale of Two Cities, but it's Dickens, right? And that never goes well. All I can recall is "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Hrm.

    Will definitely be reading ID after I finish TMI (on the 4th book now....*sigh*). It's apparently Cassandra Clare month! ;)

  3. Sounds like an interesting read Ricki! And for some reason, books wherein characters have supernatural powers is becoming a hit in my country.

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

  4. oooo, this is excitng!!
    Happy Easter my sweet friend,

  5. i really want to read this series!!

    the host movie was ok... i can see how it was hard to adapt the book due to melanie/wanda sharing a person/voice. so the movie seemed cheesy but i liked it because i loved the book! but if you hadn't read the book you probably would find the movie very dumb!

  6. Hi Ricki Jill~ Thanks for sharing this review, I'm intrigued and need to check out the series! I like reading a series when ALL the books are out. I'm not very patient and don't do well with cliffhangers and a year between installments :) Happy Easter to you & your family!


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