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Kitchen Reveal

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our old kitchen

We replaced our crappy granite (finally after 9 years) and we couldn't be happier.  We decided to install a Viatera product in the Cortina pattern.  It looks like marble, but it will not absorb anything or stain, and you never have to put a sealer on it.  It will not take heat well, so we had to find our cast iron trivets we used in another home to protect the countertops.  The breakfast bar is a different material.  We decided on a distressed walnut, and both countertops have an ogee edge.  Sorry, but this is a long post!

Here is our kitchen:

Bonnie loves the camera, LOL!
I painted the island Benjamin Moore's ballet slipper pink.

Looking from the family room, the left-side of the kitchen with the laundry room door. The dining room is to the left.
Our walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Super White.

Looking from the family room into the kitchen

French maple butcher block table and ladder back chairs

Corner of breakfast nook with new Anthropologie chair pads.  The chair pads fit, but no one has sat in this chair yet.  The other ones are flatter!

This artwork by Dori (my art teacher) dictated the accent colors: pink, aqua, and red.

Another view of the corner

Table with glass-front cabinets and desk in background

Artwork by desk
We wanted to display real art in the kitchen.
These paintings are by African American folk artist Clementine Hunter.

My desk
I blog and plan menus here.
We wanted the desk to look like a separate entity, almost like a piece of furniture.  We tiled it, and we decided to leave it because for big dinners we can put hot pots on it and i's convenient to our farmhouse table.

I try to keep my desk neat and orderly.
An old sugar mold is used for school supplies.

I painted the back of the glass front cabinet the same ballet slipper pink as the island.

Breakfast bar and new stools from Restoration Hardware
We bought them for $213.00 including shipping.  Score!
Our floors are limestone with travertine in a pinwheel pattern.

Cooktop island looking into family room

The salt pig is my only new purchase for the kitchen other than the stools.

We love the breakfast bar!

Other than the fresh flowers in here, I did not stage anything.  This is how it looks everyday!

The close tolerances around the sink make us more ugly caulk!
Don't judge me for leaving the paper towels out, LOL!

One of my favorite Christmas presents is the iPad stand.

I think the Viatera looks like marble.

Ogee edge

I finally varnished this painting and had it framed.
I will probably hang it in the kitchen at some point.

I want to remove the pot rack and replace it with a pretty valance.
I did this as a joke for Mr. Art @ Home and he loved it!  He calls it The Shrine!  :/    I now have room underneath the cooktop for all our pots and pans.

The following photos were taken in the morning with the sunlight streaming through:

I even like the backsplash better now.  The travertine has white and gray in it that looks nice with the Viatera.

We love how light and bright it is now!

Thank heavens it's DONE!  YAY!!!
If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. omgosh what a dream come true!
    I just love the pink in the cabinets and on the island.
    It really compliments your collection!
    All so girly and sweet but not over the top.
    Perfect balance.
    I am so jealous over your farmhouse sink.
    We have that on our to do wish list.
    You may have swayed me into liking white kitchen now, ;)

  2. Ricki Jill, a fabulous job! I love all of your selections. Your beautiful collectibles shine in this settings!


    Art by Karena

  3. What a beautiful kitchen to greet you each morning. Love the soft look of the new counter tops and the ballet slipper pink accents. It all is the perfect setting for your wonderful collection of McK-C pieces. It's fun to see how you use them in your kitchen. Such a happy space! And I know you are happy to have it all complete and usable again. It was a big project, but so worth the time and effort. Kudos to you and Mr. Art @ Home for a job well done! Thanks for sharing all the details. ~ Sarah

  4. Hi RJ, I love it! Your new kitchen looks fabulous with the changes you've made. So much attention to detail and it shows. I love how the pink around the island is matched to the cabinet back. Your MC really pops here! Great backsplash and the countertops really pull those colors. Love the shrine :) over the sink, did I mention I love your farmhouse sink? My favorite change you made was the addition of the walnut breakfast bar. Beautiful! I think the display of your MC throughout the kitchen, especially the corner is fabulous. I have to mention how wonderful it must be to have those beautiful scenes of nature out the windows. I'm sure you can't wait to get up every morning and enjoy your new kitchen. So worth all the stress this involves. Well done my friend. Thanks for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  5. I am so happy to see your kitchen...finally! It is beyond what I expected, although I knew you would have lots of color and wonderful artwork. I truly love everything, RJ, but I keep getting drawn to the floors and back splash tile. The MC pieces are the perfect accents to the whole style. I just can't "gush" enough! Beautiful!


  6. Oh-Your kitchen looks so so so nice. You have done a great job pulling everything together. It is a real lived in kitchen and not just done for favorite kind of kitchen. Love the original artwork, too. Wonderful attention to detail throughout the whole thing- xo Diana

  7. It looks beautiful. I know now who I will ask to come over and help me with mine when the time comes to redo the kitchen.

  8. What time is tea? Warning...I may never leave! Absolutely lovely!

  9. YAY! indeed!!!....Ricki Jill I'm so in love!,yall are gonna enjoy this so much.
    Love everything!!!!!!!

  10. The backsplash DOES look so pretty now. It really picks up on the two tones of color. I love it all! Your sink it beautiful. We SO need a new sink in our kitchen. With your floors and that pretty pink color, it looks so fresh and clean. Everything works perfectly. You have such style my friend!

  11. I wish I could go thru the computer, take you a kitchen warming present and have a cuppa coffee with ya!! Gorgeous dear Ricky did a magnificent job, it's so warm, lovely and inviting! I love the ballet slipper pink too, it looks wonderful with your beautiful pottery with pink and blue too. I love every detail you have observed, just terrific! Thanks for sharing. Big hugs,

  12. I have been back and forth through all these lovely images and I cannot get enough of happy and inviting and lovely RJ you really pulled together a lovely space. That sink looks fantastic with the new counter top which I absolutely ADORE!! The taps are fantastic too and would love to see a close-up of them. I love the pink island, la "pièce de résistance" for me personally, especially with those chairs.
    Great job RJ.... I would say it is perfect!!

  13. Your kitchen is so beautiful!! You have the best dishes and accessories!!! Wow
    Thanks so much for helping. I have a relative with Autism and a dear friend has her child and is involved with the foundation.

  14. Oh, RJ! I love your kitchen - it's gorgeous! Your backsplash really stands out and your countertops look wonderful. I'm just loving you precious pink island and all of your pretty MC pieces. I want a kitchen like yours! Oh, your farm sink is something I always wanted but never did get it! Boo Hoo! :) Now don't cook or anything and mess up that beautiful space.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Be still my heart, your kitchen is beautiful! Love the counter tops, love the ballerina pink island. It's looks so bright, clean and cherry! you did a fabulous job on designing it I hope you all will enjoy it for years and years. It' actually looks much larger too! Have a great weekend.

  16. OMG! This is Stunning!
    I love it ALL!
    Especially the sink, the floor, the countertops, the stools....Everything!
    Welldone! Just Lovely!

  17. It is fabulous, Ricki! That island is a show stopper. Everything goes together so well. Great job!

  18. Oh my gosh...I hope a magazine see's this! You have got to get it published. How fabulous and brave to paint the island pink. When you think about it...It's only paint. What a fabulous kitchen, yep, I would move my bed right in there!!


  19. Such a beautiful kitchen Ricki. Love the pink island. I bet you are loving your new look.
    I designed Ginger's blog. She got to show it off today. Enjoy your Sunday.

  20. A dream kitchen!
    I'm glad you're living that dream ;-)

  21. Your kitchen is so beautiful Ricki. My dream kitchen.
    So airy and bright. Love all the details right down to the drawer pulls. Definitely a magazine shot.......
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. All the pink touches are lovely, the extra pink inside the cabinets is so pretty. The cup hanger over the sink is such a good idea too. We had our cabinets painted white recently and the difference is dramatic!!Love all your beautiful light from the french doors.

  23. I love that you tried something different and went with ballet slipper pink on the island. How fun! :)

  24. Oh my goodness, there's so much to admire about this room! I clicked and made the pictures bigger so I could see how pretty everything is...

    The counters are so much prettier than the old ones. Love the white counters with the wood bar. Beautiful!

    Love love the ballet slipper pink island. That was a fantastic idea!

    Love how light and bright everything is. I know it has to be so welcoming and enjoyable to be in there.

    Love your artwork. Your jar painting is beautiful.

    Love the Mackenzie Childs pieces. They should see the showplace that your kitchen is.

    I could go on and on. Your kitchen is beautiful!!

  25. RickiJill, Your kitchen is beautiful. I love your fun collection. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  26. Oh, wow. It looks gorgeous. Just beautiful. I adore the pink in your glass cabinets and on the island. Looks really wonderful.
    LOVE how neat your house is...I dream of one day having such neat and beautiful surroundings.

  27. Looks so, so pretty! I would love to have space like that. You've done a wonderful job with every aspect of it.

    Enjoy for me, ok? :)


  28. Beautiful kitchen! Love the airy feel and all the whimsical touches that you added. I've been wanting to redo out kitchen for some time now, we did get it painted but now all other projects are on hold until I make my mind up just exactly how I want it to be. Yours looks fabulous!!

  29. OH MY! Your kitchen was fabulous BEFORE, but the after shots are splendid! Thank you for coming to visit today! Nice to meet you! Happy spring, wherever you are...Anita

  30. I love it that this is how your kitchen looks, nothing is staged, and you made it so YOU! It's charming, whimsical and still traditional and elegant, Ricki Jill. You may be one of the few who can make those looks come together in one place.

  31. Fabulous! Great photos:) your breakfast nook looks like the perfect spot to cozy up with a cup if coffee in the morning. Great find at RH! Makes it more fun to cook when you are surrounded by so much loveliness!

  32. I absolutely love it! It deserves to be in a magazine. I can not pick out one thing that is my favorite because I love everything about it. Your painting belongs in the kitchen. Absolutely beautiful!

  33. Oh I just love it - and perfectly poised for spring time!!!

  34. Wow! Love your mix of counter materials. It all looks just right. And the Clementine her!

  35. Oh my what a bloody awesome kitchen I would love a kitchen like that mine is small and plain............maybe the word compact would suit mine better then small...........

  36. Love all the pale pink and white with the walnut island!

    I love kitchens that make one smile! And what a collection of Mackenzie Child!

    All so whimsical!!!

  37. Ricki Jill,
    Your kitchen looks wonderful. I love the counter tops, they do look like marble.

  38. Love, love, your huge, bright and cheery kitchen! The painting is SOOOOO beautiful!!!

  39. The light coming through your windows is magical, and I love your pale pink island. Your whole kitchen is beautiful!

  40. I LOVE how airy, open, and warm it is. The cream trim is fantastic, the walnut bar is wonderful, I love how to mixed utility with decor with the casserole dish stand and the dish display. You did a great job of brightening up the kitchen, and keeping the color themes. I'm not normally a pink fan, but you've done a fantastic job with it. Looking at these pics makes me want to bake a souffle in your kitchen! :)

  41. I love your artistic and colorful accents in your kitchen Ricki Jill! Your ballet slipper pink island is so cheery and perfect with your collection of MC...the shrine, LOL! Any project large or small in the kitchen is painful, I know you're glad it's behind you!

  42. Oh...boy! A pink kitchen! Love the island painted pink. I adore those countertops! That was a great looks wonderful and I love love love those bar stools. They are perfect. Thanks for linking up!

  43. What a lovely kitchen make-over! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  44. An absolutely beautiful heart of the home. I am finding it very difficult designing our new kitchen as for the first time in many years it is a tiny one!

  45. LOVE the pink! What a bold color choice and it rocks!

  46. Your kitchen is beautiful!

    Trying to catch up with Pink Saturday entries.

    Hope you'd come and see my
    PINK Mug and leave me some remark. Your comment is always appreciated.

  47. Oh my gosh! It's so beautiful!!! I love the darker wood on the bar and those stools are so cute!

    The way you blend your soft colours with the little hits of red is genius.
    Thanks so much for sharing...I'll be over for tea soon.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  49. When I saw pink kitchen at Nita's I had to come visit! I love your new kitchen and you have accessorized it beautifully. I love all your pottery, especially the fish as I collect old Italian majolica fish. My fish led me to try to take our retro white, black and red kitchen that had just been done in '08 to pinks and charcoal gray, the color of my fish. Other changes are coming slowly and I'm still stuck with red molding between the kitchen and family room and the yellow walls that I actually still like and am just trying to see them as neutral. I enjoyed looking at your accessories for ideas how I can bring mine more into what I want it to be. Like the little pink pig--I have an old Fiesta tea pot just that color. Must get it out!
    Nice job. I bet you love being in the room now.

  50. Your kitchen is really beautiful, I love the soft colours that you've used and those gorgeous counter tops really do look like marble. I would love to have counter tops like those.
    I also really like the pot-rack above the kitchen sink, it looks wonderful!

  51. WOW...WHAT A FABULOUS job you did! It looks AWESOME!!!!! Your artistic heart just BEAMS THROUGH!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! : ) hugs and talk to you SOON!!!!

  52. It's beautiful! The counter is a perfect colour with the floor and backsplash and makes the room seem so much brighter. I love, love, love the pink you used on the island. It is so you and highlights the art and all the (I forget the exact name) - is it - McKenzie Child's pottery you have. The pink flowers look amazing in your kitchen. I think you should always have pink flowers in there (well okay, they don't always have to be pink, but they sure do look beautiful). What a great job you did.

  53. Oh, I forgot to say how much I like the modern stools at the counter - they are a perfect injection of clean lines to counterbalance the more traditional.

  54. Ricki Jill, it looks wonderful. So peaceful. I want to come have coffee and Sunday brunch at your breakfast bar.

  55. I love this Ricki is the perfect reflection of your lovely personality and taste. The sink, the pink island, the stools...all just wonderful. Now you can hang out and enjoy it!

  56. How did I ever miss this post?

    Oh Ricki Jill, it's BEAUTIFUL! There is something about that pink's wonderful...and it goes so well with all your MacKenzie Childs' pieces. The new countertops are gorgeous! I love all the natural light you have too. Your kitchen really is a beauty!

  57. LOVELOVELOVE the pink and all the amazing light coming in through the windows a joy filled room
    great job and fun pic's too

  58. I featured your pretty kitchen today at Mod Mix Monday!

  59. Your home iS BEAUTIFUL! i just looked at all of your home pics! So beautiful!! :)

  60. Have had quite the tour of your lovely blog, Ricki and ended up in your new kitchen, which is so beautifully done! Love that pink ballet slipper colour! Your views are lovely and love the corner with the potrack/tier. It must be so cheery to wake up to and enjoy the first meal of the day!


  61. I have to say I love this again. I love the pale pink. My daughter wanted a pink fridge, but we both love blue, and it was acceptable to my spouse. So sweet of your spouse! I really love all the windows and the floors and the collections.

    (I actually commented earlier this, but maybe it's before I knew you, and I completely forgot that you had a remodeled kitchen.) I was working on mine at the same time.


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