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Oh, The Best Laid Plans..... :/

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A few weeks ago I ordered a very large wooden trug filled with holiday greenery.  It would have taken-up most of our sofa table.  I was so looking forward to it coming in.

I ordered something like this but larger:

This is from FTD's Better Homes and Gardens collection.  The one I ordered would have been slightly larger and taken up most of our table.

But this is what I got instead:

Ummmm.....not what I wanted, although this is very pretty garland from Terrain.

Meh!  Meh X 10!!!  :/, so sad.....So then I went to the grocery store and found this guy:

This is the extent of my fresh greenery other than our wreath and mailbox saddle.
Pitiful.  Just pitiful!

I'm not decorating the sofa table.  I'm over it.  Whatev.  This little guy can live on my kitchen counter and make me smile!  He was way overpriced @ $25.00, but a whole lot less expensive than what I ordered!

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Ricki Jill


  1. :( so stinkin sad when you are expecting something and have your heart set on it.
    Glad you found a little snoman cheer instead :)

  2. Why did they send you the wrong thing? But I love your Santa mug and greens!

  3. Cut greenery in the Santa mug! I need some live greens in my home I think!

  4. Did they sell out of what you had actually ordered? That didn't seem like much of a substitution, which stinks! I do really like your Snowman container and fresh greens, and I'm sure he does make you smile.

  5. mmmmmmm...i can smell the fresh greenery through the screen.

    if you haven't already stopped by, hope you'll have a moment to enter the giveaway on my blog!

    happy december to you!


  6. That is so crappy. I hope they are at least refunding your money. Turkeys. Not as if it was in any way similar. I am sorry. I guess the forces are telling you to scrap the decorating. Are you going skiing this year?

  7. That's upsetting Ricki. But I love the little guy's face there. He's smiling and I hope he will spread the happiness in your home too.

    Thank you for linking up friend. :)

  8. how cute you made something really nice out of something that wasn't well done

  9. Boy did someone mess up! Love the little Snowman cup though...the colors are very you. :o)

  10. How irritating.. sounds like you are over it ;) and have a darling ( and fragrant!) replacement! Enjoy the season;)


  11. What did the company do when you told them they sent you the wrong thing? I hope they plan to send you what you expected. I like your substitute though xox

  12. They should definitely refund your money. Such a disappointment, but I like your smiley snowman :)

  13. Boosauce! I hope you were able to return that swag...doesn't seem like a finished piece ready for display at all. But the snowman is cute, and fits with your decor. :)

  14. WOW, that arrangement is gorgeous! But I love your little guy. He would make me smile too.

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