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My Happy List: Robin Redbreast

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just look at this adorable little face!  :D

European robin

Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite Christmas traditions and stories from around the world.  One of my favorites is the legend of the robin redbreast.  Legend says that when Jesus was born, the little robin fanned the dying embers of the fire meant to keep him warm.  As the embers began to build into a fire, the flames burned the little robin making his chest permanently red.  The robin is a cherished Christmas symbol especially in the United Kingdom, and looking at these sweet little birds makes me very happy!

I love these robin-themed ceramics and linens by Sophie Allport.

Isn't this is a sweet little mug!  Robin on denim mug by Jane Hogben.

Methinks I'd like to sip hot chocolate from one of these adorable robin mugs.  :D

What's making you happy today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love that last photo of that sweet mug! I think hot drinks taste better in a pretty mug. I'm happy today because I have most of my packages and cards ready to take to the Post office today! YAY! Hugs!

  2. I have never heard that story before it makes me happy to learn something new!

  3. Like Andrea, I never heard that story before. The European robin is so pretty!

  4. Your Robin redbreast is so beautiful and so is this sweet Christmas story! I'm pulling together some last minute decorations to hopefully do a Christmas post soon.

    Have a Happy Day!
    The French Hutch

  5. I love your photos and I never heard that story before. I have always loved Robins especially after Winter and seeing one provides us the knowledge Spring is here.

  6. I love that story. I am happy today because the rain has finally stopped. Now, if the sun would come out I would be ecstatic :)


  7. Beautiful post! I didn't realize the robin was such an important symbol of Christmas and have never heard the story. How very interesting. Happy holidays~~

  8. Great, now I will be obsessed with those robin settings by Sophie Allport :)

    I did not know of this legend but it is the sweetest thing ever!!!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  9. thats a beautiful Robin story, I have never heard that one before, what a lovely mug! I'm happy for having come here to visit today!

  10. Love that last mug and went to her site. Did you see the Westie on denim mug? Such cute stuff.
    Carole (Stapes)

  11. I never knew that story of the robin before. I always think of them in the Springtime, but now I'll have to think of them at Christmas as well.

    That mug is so cute!

  12. How sweet! I've planned an English robin post for tomorrow so great minds think alike! Thanks for the Sophie Allport site...she's new to me. Love the designs!

  13. that is a sweet little mug - have never seen that design before. That is a sweet little robin. Happy Holidays RJ

  14. Robins at Christmas are very English, aren't they. That's pretty much the only time I see them in decorations or on wrapping paper or cards. The mug is adorable. I still think of robins as spring though as it is way too cold in Toronto for robins. We look forward to their return every year.

  15. Wonderful story :) and one I too have never heard of. Such pretty dishes and a wonderful alternative to more traditional holiday china.


  16. The robin-themed ceramics are simply lovely

  17. Ricki Jill~ I had heard this legend a long time ago and had forgotten it! Robins always make me happy because they are the harbingers of spring! Birds and dishes make me happy :)


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