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I've Been a *VERY* Good Girl!

Thursday, December 6, 2012 here's my Christmas list, Mr. Art @ Home!  

Normally I only put five items on my list, but this year I've added just one extra item 'cause I've been so, so good.  ;P

Fairisle sweater from Anthropologie

Lace inset tablecloth in pink from Shabby Chic

Molly Hatch Fortune in a Teacup tea set from Anthropologie

This book sounds so good!  :D  From Indie Bound

Gretchen sweater from Sundance

iPad stand from Williams Sonoma

I usually get two or three things on my list, and I'm always surprised by what Mr. Art @ Home purchases for me.  He sometimes throws in a few surprises, too!

What's number one on your Christmas list?

Until next time...

You'd better be good!  ;P
Ricki Jill


  1. All very cute and usable items.
    My number one is help for my boy. Thats all i want, need or care about this year. I have no list or material wishes for xmas.

  2. I love those sweaters! So colourful and warm looking!! Great choices :)

  3. I hope Santa reads you wishlist Ricki Jill. :)

  4. Both of those sweaters are awesome, I love it! Everything else is good, but I especially like the Gretchen sweater.

  5. "You've been a very good girl"... You should get all those wonderful goodies! I (((LOVE))) the 1st sweater. I'll have to go investigate it!!!
    Hope you are having a fun week.
    Big Hugs,

  6. You have great taste! I've added the book to my wish list now, too. :)

    I've got good health, an amazing boyfriend, a funky home, a sweet cat, and enough money so that I'm well-fed and not feeling desperate....I think the only thing missing is a servant to sew costumes for me and make all those Pinterest crafts that catch my eye, so I can have time to read. ;)

  7. Can you believe that I've not yet made up my wish list ... Hope you get everything on yours!


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