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Election Day Flower Arrangements

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I want to share with you two patriotic flower arrangements for election day. They are in our dining room, and I'll share the election day tablescape in the breakfast room later.

The hydrangeas are from our garden.

I bought the large Pottery Barn white linen runner online for $19.

The vases are by Molly Hatch via Anthropologie.

The patriotic runner is from Pier 1.

I must confess that the election is getting on my very last nerve.  I have very close friends from both parties, and I'm just tired of the discussion.  I tried to do something positive and creative about my anxiety, and focus on the freedoms we enjoy and the responsibility/privilege of voting.

I am avoiding Facebook right now, and the reason I've been such a bad blog friend lately and not visiting you is because we have been so incredibly busy. I haven't been home to blog jog!

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Beautiful flower arragemnets and lovely vases..I love them! I already voted a month ago from abroad. The patriotic runner is very pretty. Have a blessed week.

  2. i voted early but so can't wait for the mud slinging to be over it is so annoying. Love the flower arrangement pretty

  3. What a beautiful arrangement! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  4. OK, the sayings on the vases are absolutely perfect!!!!! My grandmother only watches TVLand (and is also losing her memory) so I was the one to fill her in that we were electing a president this year. She remarked how they really weren't making a big deal of it this year (right...on the Mary Tyler moore Show)...I am slightly jealous.

  5. Your table is lovely. I have to admit, though, like you I am really ready for the election to be OVER.

  6. You again amaze me on the beauty you surround your home with so lovely and I am glad that it is just business that has kept you away and not something horrible. Thanks for sharing some beauty :)) ~Janice~

  7. Oh...I love it! Those are the cutest containers. Love that table runner too.

  8. it is amazing how you can decorate even for election day!!!!
    One more day to go...then we suck it up for the next 4 years and wait for it to start all over again ;)

  9. That is so pretty, Ricki Jill! The table runner and the ruffled runner are beautiful. And I couldn't agree more about this election. This has been one of the most mean-spirited campaigns I can remember. It's not going to be a "piece of cake" no matter who wins, so let's just be done with it!


  10. Hi Ricki Jill,
    I love these cute arrangements! I have looked at the vases several times at Antho! I can't believe you got them. :)

    Very CUTE!
    I'm with you on the vote... For us it is the local election that is sooooo ugly. SERIOUSLY!

  11. Hydrangeas! One of my favorites!!

    Your table never fails to amaze me Ricki. I adored your table many times but I think this is the first time I'm saying that I love your elegant and comfy white chairs too. Everything looks so homey and inviting.

    Have a great week Ricki!

  12. Ricki Jill, just stopping by to say I've miss you. I understand being busy. October was packed for me and November hasn't been much different. All the best for a great Thanksgiving.
    Love the details of your patriotic table. I have the same two pieces from Anthropologie. Molly Hatch does beautiful work. I need to add flowers to mine for a tables cape. I've got baby's breath in the larger one, but the red, white, and blue arrangement really pops in these pieces.
    ~ Sarah


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