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Wit & Whimsy: Mad for Plaid

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I love the quirky combination of elements in this relaxed living room:  The sepia-toned nautical prints; the bold plaids; the vintage container lamp; and the Dagwood throw pillow make me smile!

What do you think about this room?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. quirky .... but it would only work in certain houses

  2. It is cute, but I would love to have the tartan coffee table in my livingroom.

  3. I think is totally adorable and fun Ricky! I'd have this in a country home...saying cause we had one, and I loved plaids in it. You know, even a beach house, or in a boy's room too! Big hugs,

  4. It is oddly cozy to me, like a fun cabin setting.
    I am in love with plaid and flannel so I get it :)

  5. I must say it is a relief to be back on-line. I normally like plaid but not this one!

  6. I think I only like the Dagwood pillow! This is a first...mark it down!

  7. That is a lovely blue, I really like it!

  8. Any room that has plaid is a winner for me...and blue plaid makes it even better!

  9. Interesting because when I look at the elements individually I think--no, but together they look so cozy and inviting. I mean, who would ever think to have that pillow on their couch! I do think those prints with the sailing ships are very cool.
    Carole (Stapes)

  10. Hrmm...I like plaid as an accent, especially in clothing, but mixing plaids makes me cross-eyed. And it's so busy that, to me, it clashes with the nautical decor behind the couch and compete for my attention.

  11. It's a fun room, but a bit busy if I was going to use it everyday. I love how the dagwood pillow catches my eye.

  12. Very fun, but definitely not for me. I do like that Dagwood pillow, though :)

  13. Interesting....can I leave it at that?

  14. I like most everything here, maybe just not together! Never met a plaid I didn't love.........
    Hope all is well, I've missed a lot while I was away. Hope to catch up this week.
    I saw the stadium where our team will visit this weekend, ummm, not what I thought it would be!

    The French Hutch


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