A {little bit of} Autumn Decor in the Dining Room

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I am slowly letting go of summer and embracing autumn.   I created a vignette in our dining room influenced by another autumn vignette from Victoria Magazine.


from victoriamagazine.com

Mine is not an exact copy, but I did use similar colors, apples, and an orchid. I had everything around the house but the apples and rosebud.  I buy apples about once a week.  Next to strawberries, they are our favorite fruit!



I am sure all of you have decorated much more for autumn than I.  Sorry I have not visited many of you this week, but life has gotten in the way of blogging!

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Very pretty. Your dining room is so lovely. Who sketched the young girl? Was it you?? Have a blessed weekend.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. It looks really pretty Ricki Jill, your dining room is gorgeous.

  3. The white pumpkins are stunning. I just do a little at a time. I hope you have a nice weekend! Hugs!

  4. Simple and breath taking. You are very talented. Enjoy the weekend Ricki!

  5. Oooh, I do love those pumpkins! I think I have been following you for almost a year now, as I think I might remember them! (Makes sense as you were a Swapoween meet!) Happy Autumn!

  6. I just adore those glass pumpkins. You have recreated that beautiful scene wonderfully. Enjoy your weekend. Are you at the lake?

  7. Very pretty! Apples just speak fall to me! I am easing my way into fall, too...or maybe I am just too lazy to go get my boxes up!!


  8. So very pretty! I love the shape of the dish the apples are in!

  9. This looks so pretty! I love that it's a copy, but not a copy. You put your own spin on it & it looks great.

  10. I love the green glass stems on your pumpkins. I'm like you and haven't done much fall decorating. I'm still not quite ready to look at fall decorations for some reason. I guess I just don't want to let go of summer.

  11. How pretty your dining area looks. Love those chairs...Linda

  12. I was thinking...what a great copy cat....I love your white pumpkins with green stems....those apples are gorgeous....make us a pie,teeehehe.

    Ricki Jill I love your "little bit of fall"....your dinning room is so peaceful and relaxing....enjoyed the visit with you,and that's ok if "life" gets in the way of blogging...we all should put that ahead of blogging more often.

    Love....and have a great week!

  13. I just returned from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just what I needed to get in the fall mood. Pumpkins and mums everywhere and my favorite apple orchard was open and selling cider and the best donuts!

    Your vignette is gorgeous!

  14. Hi Ricki! Thank you for linking up in my Beautiful Sunday series. It made me happy!!!

    It's starting Christmas in your home Ricki. I love it. There's a warmth of happiness I feel whenever I look at picture of your beautiful home.

    Have a great week!

  15. Your dining room tabescape is lovely, Ricki Jill! It's "simple elegance" at its best. I hope you have a wonderful and more calm week ahead.


  16. Sooo pretty! I think your dining room is so beautiful...very serene.

    I haven't been around blog world much either...and yes, life does get in the way doesn't it? :)


  17. Ricki Jill,

    Your dining room is so pretty. Your chandelier is gorgeous! The glass pumpkins are extra special. I adore your copy but not a copy. Your tea cups are so much prettier than the picture.


  18. I love your beautiful dining room. The chandelier and shades are so pretty.
    Your autumn look there is beautiful. I don't decorate too much for fall, either. I have very few decorations but I generally LOVE a bowlful of little Boo pumpkins. :)

  19. This is so pretty! What a lovely vignette! I am behind on decorating, as well...but, I can't wait to get busy this week!

  20. You did a terrific job with your inspiration photo. Love your dining room. We love apples too - unfortunately I discovered putting crunchy peanut butter on them!

  21. Ricki Jill, I like the mix in this vignette. It's your artist eye! ;-)

  22. I love the white pumpkins...and as always your slipcovers on the chairs make me smile. They are beautiful!

  23. Ricki Jill,
    What a pretty dining room and I love the vignette. The white pumpkins with green glass stems are great.

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