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Literary Friday: A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have read A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse by Elisabeth Luard several times.  I.  Love. This. BOOK!  I really do love it.  It is part cookbook, part journal, and a treat for the eyes. Clare Richardson's photography is eye candy, I tell ya!




Elisabeth Luard is a food writer who lives in Wales at Brynmerheryn Farm. Her farmhouse is pink!  :D


The book is divided in chapters, one for each month, and each chapter has a seasonal theme. July's theme is Campfire Cooking; March is all about Comfort Food; and September features The Fruits of Autumn.


From May's chapter, Shoots and Leaves:  Elderflower Cordial

I adapted a recipe from August's Chapter, Pack a Picnic.  I hope you try it! Mr. Art @ Home loves cobblers, so I thought I would try the Plum Cobbler with Cinnamon.  Did you know that "to cobble" means to throw something together quickly?  I have learned much from this book, and I must say that Elisabeth Luard is living my dream.


Yummy black plums

Plum Cobbler with Cinnamon

6 - 8 large juicy plums, split and stoned
1 T plain flour
1/2 c caster sugar

For the Topping:
1/2 c self-rising four
1 T caster sugar
3.5 T butter
About 6 T cream

Preheat oven to 425.

Roll plums in a mixture of the flour, sugar, and cinnamon.  Arrange them in a deep pie dish and leave in a cool place while you make the topping.

For the topping, sift the flour into a bowl and mix in the sugar.  Rub in the butter lightly with your fingertips.  Add enough cream to make a soft dough. Lightly flour a board and roll out the dough as you would pastry.  Cut out circles and overlap them on top of the plum filling.  Bake for 25 - 30 minutes, until the topping is crisp and brown.

Serve warm with cream.



I used acorn cutouts for the cobbler's crust.  :D  I am ready for autumn!

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Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. YOu have me totally intrigued - that book looks like one I would love to read too. And I so agree she is living my dream as well.

  2. I just checked Amazon and they have her book. It sounds delicious--her food and her writing!

  3. HI RJ, This looks to be a delightful read, one I'm sure I would enjoy. The cobbler looks delicious and the black plums look so pretty in your MC bowl. I will have to order this one!

    The French Hutch

  4. I'll be right over and I could I have a cup of tea too, please! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  5. Ricki Jill,
    What a pretty book. Double bonus, recipes and reading! Thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely add it to the list.

  6. What an interesting twist on a recipe book! ...and you're right those photos are amazing!!

  7. Yum to both the book and the recipe :)

  8. Yikes I forgot again, I guess you will not mind if I just link up my last post. Although the badge is not on the post it does now feature on the sidebar.
    What a lovely looking book I think my sister might like this as she lives in Wales.

  9. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! This one is totally going on my wishlist- thanks! :D

  10. I know that I would love this book. I'll add it to my list. I also know that I would love that cobbler. Looks awesome, Ricki!

  11. Oh this looks like my kind of book! You cobbled together a delicious treat using plums! Love your acorn cut outs~ I'm ready for fall too :)

  12. And, I thought I was the only one who reads cookbooks from start to finish! This books looks so interesting, I'll definitely have to get it!! Thanks for the recipe too, looks wonderful.

  13. A pink farmhouse, how fun is that! The cobbler looks delicious, and those plums are perfect in that McK-C bowl.


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