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Pin the Tail on the Bloggy Party

Friday, July 6, 2012


Debbiedoos and Fox Hollow Cottage are hosting a Pin the Tail on the Bloggy Party.  I have recently become active on Pinterest, and you can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest button on my sidebar. When you follow me, I will follow you right back  ;P  I also have a Pin It Button in my footer at the end of my posts.  Some of my Pinterest boards include:

Fun With Brackets
Flora Dooras Are Too Dang Cute
Unique Vase Alternatives
I Am the Mod Podge Queen
Fun With Flower Frogs
Cozy Home Libraries

I was trying to decide what is pin worthy from my blog, and my daughter said, "Why don't you use one of those copy cat things you do all the time."  ;P So I picked this from one of Debbiedoo's Magazine Copycat Challenges:

I decided to try and copy one of the lovely images from Summer with Matthew Mead Magazine (2011).

Please, Mr. Mead, do not sue me because I am a follower of your blog, I buy your magazines, I blog about them, and I had your summertime button on my sidebar for many weeks.  Plus, I just pre-ordered your Autumn magazine!  I have bought all of them!!!

This is the image I chose for the copycat challenge:


This is my take on the photo from Summer with Matthew Mead:


Please click here for Debbie's Magazine Copycat Challenge linky party.
Thanks to Debbie and Shannon for hosting this fun Pinterest Party!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I'm pinning it. I always wanted a pink easy bake oven! Mine was an ugly 1970's yellow one and my kids are boys...they wouldn't go for a pink easy bake (I tried). Love the tea set alongside it too.

    Have a good weekend,

  2. I have an aqua Easy Bake in my attic. Daughter had one too, in the '90s. We probably have it in the attic as well. Cute picture.

  3. Oh yes, I remember it well! Love it then & I still love it now!

  4. Um, adorable! Great dollhouse inspiration. I think I'll be busy - I mean Santa will be busy - with such projects this winter. My two 2 year olds would love this! Pinned!

  5. Hey there my friend! going to go pin pin pin!!!! sending hugs and i knew you would love that art -- cool right : ) talk to you soon!

  6. Great memories from that little beast! My daughter and I had a good laugh at this one. I joined up with this party too but I have to admit I am very discouraged by the lack of 'ethics' these days around these parties. Perhaps I am too much of a rule follower so I stick out as a 'nerd'? but I find very few people do as they are being asked when participating in these parties. So far, I am hoping to be proven wrong on this one. AS of now, that is not the case. Anyway, I am always a pinner of the Easy Bake!!!

  7. Love this!I wanted an easy bake oven when I was a little girl ( never got one) I loved to cook even then, giggle. I can't believe I missed another one of Debbie's copy cat parties.... Hugs ans smooches!

  8. so much fun and what a great cop cat!!

  9. I love your copy cat. Too cute and all pink. Very girly and I live in a girl world just like you. What a great idea for a party. I think I missed it being out of town.

  10. I love your version of the little stove and cupcakes. I bet yours were really tiny - so cute. Why is it we women have such a love affair with tiny miniature things?


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