Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There is less than a week to shop for Mother's Day.  Being the helpful person that I am, I thought I would post some neat Mother's Day gift ideas.

Girls and Mr. Art @ Home:  Please pick one from the following:


Cute Flora Doora from Etsy....complete with flowers, of course!


I love peonies, so I am sure I would love this fragrance!


Shabbylicious!  from Etsy


Nook with Glow Light!  


iPad case from Anthropologie


This cookbook looks great!  From Barnes & Noble.

I hope this helps.  ;P

I already bought my mom her gift.  This is what she wanted:


Have you done your Mother's Day shopping yet?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. great hints, hope they work, love the shoes for your mom, look like really soft leather

  2. seems that everybody around here has forgotten about M, my computer is now open on the kitchen island waiting for passerbys to be their usual nosey selves!!!!

  3. I do love the peony fragrance at L'Occitane. It is my favorite. Peonies and Lilacs are two of my favorite flowers to have in vases in the house. Great ideas.
    Carole (Stapes)

  4. too funny,
    I am making my list very clear this year ;)
    Hope your fam comes thru for ya.

  5. What a great idea and I love the TOMS...I have some black ones! If I thought it would help...I would post my list! haha!

  6. I want some white Toms, too...:)
    and I bookmarked the You are French and will order one, fill it with flowers for my daughter on Mother's Day. :)
    Thanks so are such a sweetie girl.
    ox bj

  7. That's an excellent list! I've always wanted a pair of Toms....hope your Mom enjoys them.

  8. Fun ideas! I would love any one for Mother's Day! The only thing left out of your list is a little bling!!!!

  9. I love Toms too Ricki. I'm sure you will have another meaningful and memorable mother's day with your ever dearest family.

  10. Good ideas. I'm sure you'll get at least one thing on your list.

    I have no idea what I will get my mom for Mother's Day. When she was on the farm it was easy to buy a plant for one of her flower beds but now that she's in town and hasn't yet started to renovate her yard, that won't work. I may have to go with jewelry this year.

  11. Yes, I bought myself 2 new CD's (Melody Gardot) and 5 bags of black soil so I could get dirty this weekend!

  12. Thanks Ricki for all the good ideas! Also thank you for including Flora Doora!

    Flora Doora

  13. What a fun list of items. If I was a mom, I'd love a Flora Doora. I have several of them for different seasons and love how they look and how versatile and creative they are. I enjoy mine very much and know many Mom's would enjoy them too.



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