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Thursday, May 17, 2012

This week has been extremely busy with end of the school year activities and appointments, but I wanted to take the time to share our hydrangeas with you.  I think they look great this year, unlike last year.





This photo shows how sloped our property is!


Which color do you prefer: pink, blue or purple?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love blue hydrangeas, but it would be work to get them that way in our area. They really want to be pink! Ours are all white these days, which is nice for our old-fashioned house and yard.

  2. I love the purple ones. I have one in my yard, but it is not a happy camper. I think I may have to move him to another part of the yard in the fall.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I love all the colors. At first I used to strive to have VERY BLUE Hydrangeas BUT now I just LOVE THEM ALL! I like the way certain ones have various colors on the same plant, according to the maturity from BUD to the end of it's cycle! Do I see ENDLESS SUMMER THERE???
    Have a fun week,

  4. Oh, my! They are magnificent, Ricki Jill. Mine are still babies; don't know if they will bloom or not this year. I can hardly wait to show you my new bedroom decor based on a lady resting amongst the hydrangeas ... the art piece totally inspired the room.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  5. Beautiful. Ours are budding and just about to bloom, I can't wait! I love hydrangeas! I love both the blue and purple!

  6. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I like the pink the most, but all of the colours are beautiful. My mom has blue right now, and I love them! :)

  7. OooOoOo.....I've seen blue ones, but never purple before. Those are gorgeous! I associate them with summer (and tulips with Spring). How lovely!

  8. I like both the pink and the purple, so very pretty!

  9. Ricki Jill,
    I love them all, but blue pulls at my heartstrings. I once saw burgundy ones and wondered where you find that color of if adding acid or whatever makes them turn burgundy. You are so fortunate to have so many.

  10. Love them all Ricki. Ours are just started to show leaves.
    It will a couple of months yet before they flower.

  11. They are soooooo pretty! I was just driving around my neighborhood and saw everyone's hydrangeas are blooming so nicely this year unlike last. Everyone's except mine. Another bush is blocking the sun which I thought would be a good thing...but I guess they aren't liking it because they are not blooming. I love all the colors of hydrangeas but blue the very most. Mine were blue but turned pink.

  12. Wow! hydrangeas!!! I would looove to have them in my own home too. Seeing them every morning is actually one of my dreams. It's so refreshing and relaxing to see these pieces of beauty.

  13. Your hydrangeas are lovely! I have pink ones, but the blue are my favorite.

  14. So beautiful! I think the purple ones are my favorites!

  15. WOW Ricki, they are beautiful. They are my favorite flowers in the world!! I love them all, but your blue one sure is stunning.

  16. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, Ricki Jill! I actually had one that was doing pretty well at our previous house, but had to leave I do have some shady spots (just a couple) in our current yard that might work. Hydrangeous are one of my most favorite flowers, so I'm hoping I can get one to survive here in AZ. I would have to say that blue is my fav, but pink is a close second.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Ricki Jill ~

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog! Your hydrangeas are beautiful...ours are just starting to bloom and I love it. My favorite colour is the deepest blue, but I have yet to be able to get them that colour...they just stay that pretty soft "Endless Summer" blue. I love the colours you have in your garden.


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  19. oops sorry sweetie, messed up that comment above, LOL These are lovely. I like purple! I do wish I could grow the here. But unfortunately they just don't grow here :-( Hugs and wishes for a week filled with happy!


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