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Debbiedoo's Magazine Copy Cat Challenge: Victoria Sandwich

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The May issue of Country Living UK inspired this Copy Cat Challenge.


I wanted to do something a bit different for this month's Copy Cat Challenge. In honor of Queen Elizabeth II and her Diamond Jubilee, I made a Victoria Sandwich.  A Victoria Sandwich is an English teatime treat favored by Queen Victoria.

I found three recipes, and I was not crazy about the first one I tried.  I am trying another one tomorrow, and if I like it better I will post it, promise!  We have been invited to a Diamond Jubilee party this weekend, and if I can perfect this recipe I will share a Victoria Sandwich at the party.


My layers are thinner because I do not have a real sandwich tin that is only 7" in diameter.  I want to find a recipe for an 8" cake pan.


A Victoria Sandwich is basically a sponge cake with jam between the layers.  I used strawberry jam in mine.

Are you sharing your latest copy cat with Debbie?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. looks amazing, just like my mum made yummy, great copy cat!!!

  2. Hi Ricki Jill, I'm sure your Victoria sandwich is as delicious as it looks. Soooo pretty on your cake plate. I'm sure this was a fun project and you get to serve it to your family. Great copy cat.

    The French Hutch

  3. You did a nice job copy-catting, and your Victoria sandwich looks delicious!

  4. How fabulous does that look?! Love your unique copycat, wonderful job, it looks exactly like your inspiration!

  5. That looks so delicious! Great job with the copycat. That close up picture is calling my name or trying to jump into my mouth, one or the other! lol

  6. Mouthwatering! :) You really have the talent to make it to the spread of a home magazine Ricki. And btw, I forgot to thank you for participating in my Beautiful Sunday post. Thanks a lot. You made me happy.

  7. Great job on this. I tired to do food once for this challenge. I thought so easy right! Oh, my gosh my food looked horrible!! I will not think how easy it is again to create magazine cover worthy food! LOL I am following you too.:)

  8. I think that is the most delicious copycat project I've ever seen! : )

  9. Well it looks yummy. I hope you find a recipe that works for you - I'd like to give it a try too. I'm trying to think of something to cook for the Jubilee too - maybe Scotch Eggs.

  10. Debbie's magazine challenge is my favorite link party and I missed it because my week flew by so fast. I have got to prepare for it ahead of time.



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