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Valentine's Day: Singles' Awareness Day?

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Day #9:  What cures the Valentine's Day blues?  Cupcakes!  But, of course!  

This post is for all the single ladies.  Valentine's Day can be depressing, especially if you have recently broken-up with your boyfriend.  But there is hope....and *chocolate*  :D

As some of you know, I love Dreamcakes cupcakes.  Love them.  I will eat a little of one in spite of the fact that they are not gluten free.  They are worth the risk on occasion!

I decorated the dining room for a little friend's birthday party.



Then I visited Dreamcakes to buy birthday cupcakes, but I got very sidetracked by the hilarious Valentine cupcakes!

Here is a sampling of some of the special Valentine's cupcakes for the month of February.  I love the names of some of these: They remind me of OPI nail polish.  I do buy nail polish, on occasion, based on its name, and apparently I do the same thing when buying cupcakes!

Strawberry cake topped with chocolate buttercream & a fresh strawberry. Give it up for the chubby baby with the arrows.
Cupid really is stupid on occasion!

Devil’s food cake filled with chocolate ganache & topped with creamy peanut butter buttercream, a chocolate drizzle & a peanut butter cup candy. Scientifically regarded as proof of a higher power.
Peanut butter and chocolate is a match made in heaven!  

Chocolate cake with a hidden Hershey’s Kiss inside, topped with cherry-vanilla whipped cream & a real cherry on top.  Way more delicious than that first 7th grade kiss.
I would have to agree....

Chocolate cake with a hidden topping of raspberry buttercream, dipped in ganache.
The ganache has sparkles in it, too!

Light & fluffy angel food cake, topped with real whipped cream & fresh strawberries.
Truly heavenly!

Buttery chocolate chip cake topped off with vanilla buttercream, a chocolate chip cookie, & sprinkles.  It’s two treats in one!
LOL guaranteed to increase the girth of your cheeks!

Guinness beer chocolate cake topped with irish creme frosting.  It’s the luck of the Irish!
Yet another sarcastic choice along with the Stupid Cupid.  Please note, Shanley Belle: this one will only work on an ex who has a car and a license!  ;P

Rich chocolate cake with a caramel filling, topped with chocolate buttercream, a caramel & chocolate drizzle, & dusted with toasted pecans.
Turtle power!

In tribute to the King, a mix of his favorites: moist banana cake with peanut butter buttercream, crispy pieces of bacon, a drizzle of chocolate, & a sprinkle of salt.  Don’t be cruel.
Yeah, you stupid boys...don't be cruel....

Chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling inside, dipped in ganache, & dusted with a powdered sugar heart.  A sweet for your sweetie!
...or a cure for the stupid boys that Stupid Cupid pairs you with!  

Our perfectly moist red velvet cake, topped with cream cheese frosting & red sprinkles.  Where for art thou, cupcake?
We can forgive the fact that this yummy cupcake is named after yet another stupid boy.

I bought these cupcakes to celebrate a sweet little neighborhood friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, Reed!), and to make Shanley Belle feel better.


I bought (starting at the top and moving clockwise):  Secret Admirer, Strawberry, Wedding Cake, Stupid Cupid, Peanut Butter Cup, and Romeo Red Velvet in the center.

Here is our birthday girl, Reed, singing and playing the ukelele.  Reed is rocking her new braces!  I cannot believe how much you have grown, Sweet Girl.  I have known you since you were two years old!

I hope that your Valentine's Day {and beyond} is free from stupid boys!

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Ricki Jill


  1. love this post! thanks so much for dropping by! i am now following you right back : ) hugs...

  2. Love the cupcakes, love the names of them! I sure wish I could eat one right now. Yummmm.
    What a pretty birthday party you've given for Reed. Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Wow, those look gorgeous and so yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday Reed! I think the cupcakes are perfect for anything and everything! WOW! Over the top great! Enjoy your day, girlfriend! ♥

  5. Love the table runner!! Cute idea. And those cupcakes..hummina, hummina!

  6. Hi ricki! Your parting words made laugh and likewise with your description over Romeo :D you seriously gAve me a good laugh! Thanks for making your single friend feel better

  7. Really cute table!! Love that table runner and the cupcakes look to die for!! We have a new shop downtown that make these kind of cupcakes named Sugar Buzz!! Really cute shop, that I try to stay out of!! Reed was a lucky birthday girl!

  8. Those cupcakes... OMG!
    I did not get married until I was 36 years old, so I spent many a Valentine's Day being single !
    (This June will be our 13th wedding anniversary.)
    Love, Lorraine

  9. Ahahaha! Thanks! I'll take a cupcake over a stupid boy any day. I have a plan to start my garden on V-day, and will now have to add "bake cupcakes" to that plan. :)

  10. The only think I risk in a non-gluten free cupcake is the frosting. I just get too sick with the gluten. They need to have some nice gluten free ones at the bakeries--but I guess they would worry about cross contamination. Ah well...

  11. Oh my that is so adorable Ricki. Very cute. Happy Valentines day to you.

  12. Oh boy, these look just a bit too yummy, :)

  13. Wonderful post, loved the video. Happy Birthday Reed. xo thank you for linking up at the hop today

  14. LOVE IT!!

  15. Hey, Mom-- I *love* this post. Boys may be stupid, but at least we have Richards and Jamies to read about... :)
    Thanks for everything!

    1. I love you, tug. Boys are all stupid, but there are a few wonderful and wise men (your father being one of them). You will meet a man worthy of you one day! And yes...until then, Lynn Kurland's books are so consoling.....and far less calories than brownies! Enjoy your weekend, and I will see you soon.


  16. Those cupcakes looks delicious. I am not single and married to my best friend. It was never my intent to be married until God brought my husband in my life.
    Enjoy being single and when you least expect it the gentlemen that is fit for you will be there at the right time.

  17. The only word I can think to describe this post is "divine!"



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