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My Happy List #32

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My list for this week is short due to projects, meetings, and planning for the holidays.  

My Happy List

1.   Vanessa @ Home Sweet Butterfly awarded me with a Tell Me About Yourself Award.  You can visit Vanessa's lovely blog here.  I love Vanessa's unique voice, and I think her blog is so much fun!

Judy @ Judy H-J's Thoughts presented me with the same one the following week!   Judy's blog is so lovely, and I hope you will visit her here.  I am so sorry ladies that  I am just now getting around to posting about it.  It means so much to me, and I am very honored.  Sweet bloggy friends make me so happy!!!

I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself, and then pass it along to fifteen other bloggers. Several of you do not accept awards, so I would like for any of my readers who want to participate to go ahead and accept this award!


Here are my seven things:

     1.     I love dogs.  Especially Westies.  How can you not smile while around dogs?

     2.     I am addicted to Glam Fairy *Team Alexa all the way* .  Now that Alexa is on her own at the Glam Factory, I am faithfully watching her new show.  (She used to be on Jerseylicious.) Do not judge me.  It is one of my only guilty pleasures!

     3.     Mr. Art @ Home is not going to like Nita @ Mod Vintage Life when I show him this post.  I want a combination dining room/library.  :D  It's all Nita's fault.

     4.     Although I have hosted Thanksgiving several times, I have never in my life cooked a whole turkey.  Mr. Art @ Home likes to fry them, or a guest brings one.  ;P

     5.     I am a morning person.

     6.     I like to run errands while it is raining and stay home on pretty, sunny days.

     7.     I want to learn how to speak fluent Gaelic.

2.     I really enjoy painting with my friend, Ellen.  We can sit in her studio and paint for hours, laugh, and giggle and not get on each others' nerves.  Painting with Ellen makes me very happy!  (I cannot wait to post photos of the painting I am finishing {hopefully} by the end of next week).

3.     Things do not usually make me happy, but this kitchen towel makes me smile! 


Please share your happy with us!  Link-up to Mamarazzi's My Happy List @ Dandelion Wishes.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill



  1. What fun! And I like that kitchen towel, too! You are a fun person...that's one reason I like you so much! ♥

  2. what a great list,, my gramma spoke Gaelic, she would sing to me, I only know songs in Gaelic,

  3. It's always fun getting to know another blogger better! Love your list! I do however love to go out on sunny days and prefer to stay at home on rainy ones. I thought everyone did!


  4. Love your list, love the towel. I hate having to get out on rainy days, but I just do it when I have to... rain or shine!

  5. I am always embarrassed to have to say that at the age of 53 I have never cooked a whole turkey. For years I watched my dad, and now my sisters, pull a turkey out of the oven and say, "I think it's done. Do you think it's done? I hope it's done." It always seems an iffy proposition that I don't want to be responsible for! People always look at me funny but I always say I've gone this long without cooking one, I'm not going to start now!
    Carole (Stapes)


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