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Getting Into the Spirit of Swapoween and Autumn

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Miss Angie and Beth are hosting a Halloween swap they are calling Swapoween.  I have never participated in a swap before, and I am so excited about it!


I even bought an orange glass pumpkin at Pier 1 to help get into the spirit of autumn.  I thought it would be fun to display it here in the art studio because of the orange flowers in the wallpaper.


Can you believe I bought something orange?  Gina did not believe me.

I will start shopping as soon as I am paired with my swap buddy.

Have you ever participated in a Blog Swap Party?  Please tell me about it!

Until next time,

Ricki Jill


  1. I definitely did not believe you, but now I see the proof! LOL You picked a lovely, lady-like, non-garish's so pretty.

    I've never participated in a blog swap. I bet it'll be fun.

  2. Wow...beautiful..your glass pumpkin is divine..I adore the orangey-amber hues...this looks gorgeous in your studio! How festive and magical it! pier 1 has unique dazzling treasures...
    Yay..enjoy your swap..I tried my first one last was an Autumn-exchange...and it was quite fun!

  3. Hi RJ! Oh, this sounds like fun! The pumpkin is darling too. I participated in a Christmas card swap one time and it was fun.
    Have a ball and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Carina la zucca di vetro!Buon divertimento!Baci,Rosetta

  5. Your puumpkin is beautiful! Very classy! No clue about the blog swap, I've been seeing them but never participated. I'm waiting to learn from you! LOL! Good luck, I'm sure it will be fun.

  6. I have not,, but it sounds great! I love that glass pumpkin, its beautiful,

  7. Used to do swaps on my old blog and they were fun!
    I love your glass pumpkin and Pier One is fantastic, I even bought a bracelet there!
    Thanks for visiting, it's always appreciated! I also voted in your lighting poll!

  8. I was in a spring swap party and it was as fun shopping for my goodies as it was receiving them in the mail from my partner. You will love it!

    Your glass pumpkins is so pretty!


  9. Love the new glass pumpkin, very stylish.
    I've participated in a magazine themed swap and also a tea themed swap, they were both great fun.
    Enjoy your Swapoween!

  10. Your glass pumpkin is beautiful! And it's place is ather perfect spot! I've never participated in a swap so know nothing about them at all.

  11. Oh Ricki your glass pumpkin is like the glass slipper, its gorgeous. I've been looking for different fall decorations and this is it! I love it and it looks beautiful with the pretty colors in your wallpaper as a backdrop. Divine!
    The only reason I didn't have football as one of my favs for fall, I did an entire post on it! The plates with the chapels are Quimper. Pics of Chapels around Brittany. We have a big game this Saturday night...........are you going to FL? We went for a getaway last week to the beach. Happy Fall!

    The French Hutch

  12. I love the glass pumpkin, Ricki Jill! I worked on my little shelf in my dining room tonight and I was lamenting my lack of pumpkin paraphernalia. I'll have to head to Pier One tomorrow. It looks really nice with your new wallpaper. I've not participated in a blog swap yet. I look forward to hearing how you enjoy it.
    :) Lynn

  13. Hi Ricki,
    I'm glad to find you - glad you stopped by Revisionary Life! I LOVE art, and home, and family. Oh, and Jane Austen. It seemed like a good idea to follow!
    Stop by any time. :)

  14. Hi Rickie. That's a pretty glass pumpkin. I h ave never participated in a swap party so I can't tell you anything about it. I have participated in a Pay it Forward party though and that was fun....Christine

  15. No I haven't it seems that I am always to late. This one sounds fun, my favorite season. I think I will take the leap of faith and check it out. Kathy

  16. oh no i don't know about swap party! I hope it works out great!

    and i love your little pumpkin!

    big hugs from indiana

  17. oH, swaps are sooo fun. I did one at Christmas about 3 yrs ago...I searched her blog and found she collects Christmas Nutcrackers, so I sent her one. She had searched my blog and found I collected CHRISTMAS MARK ROBERTS FAIRIES and she sent me the cutest one.
    You will have lots of fun.

    I never buy much orange but your pumpkin is beautiful. Gotta go to our Pier 1 and ck them out.

    Dennis Miller said tonight on O'Riley that he wants to have some bumper stickers made up...
    CAIN versus UN-ABLE
    don't cha just love it...!!

  18. I think you are going to start a run on glass pumpkins at pier 1. :)

  19. Wow shopping! ;-) The best friend of every girl. But more than shopping, I know you can come up something great and spectacular. I'll forward on that.

  20. i am playing in the swap and you know me i love a good swap!! i am excited for this one...all of the fun and none of the work! wouldn't it be FABULOUS if we were partnered together?

    if you want some tips for is a package i received for my pinktastic swap
    and the one i sent...
    here is the one from my favorite color swap, the one i received...
    and the one i sent...

    so yeah, get excited swapping is so much fun!!

  21. See! Even you are loving orange. That little stand with the nailhead trim is adorable. I'll definitely check out the swap.

  22. Wow, your little glass orange pumpkin is lovely. It looks perfect in your studio.
    What a great idea for the swap party. I have never participated in one, but it does sound interesting. Have fun!

  23. I knew you were getting weak,when Fall colors arrive even the best of us have to buy "ORANGE".Love it!
    Have a gr8 weekend.
    And have ton's of fun with your first

  24. Oh I do like that pumpkin and don't really care for orange either. :)

  25. I've done one swap and it was great, but I was so insecure. When I signed up, I didn't know that we would be told what to do. Well, we had to take a cigar box and decorate it and fill it with fall things. Filling it was easy...decorating it, when I have no crafty skill made me crazy. Then, my partner...who I was also sending to...send me the most gorgeous, personal and perfectly decorated box filled with treasures. I wanted to crawl in a hole for how awful mine looked in comparison-so I sent her a bonus gift of a wreath that I did feel comfortable sending:) I would do it again for sure...but not if I had to make the items.

  26. I like your orange glass pumpkin but it would be so much cuter white!!!


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