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My Happy List #20

Saturday, July 9, 2011

YAY!!!!  It is Saturday, and it's time for Mamarazzi's My Happy List @ Dandelion Wishes.


I have a theme this week.  This is it:



Sometimes it is the little things that makes us feel beautiful.  So My Happy List this week is a short list of fun things and kindnesses that have made me feel *beautiful*.

1.   How cool is this?  The Highland Avenue overpass spanning the Red Mountain Expressway here in Birmingham, Alabama thinks that you are beautiful!

This is the route I took my daughter to school downtown.  The first time I saw it, I was so happy that the bridge thought I was beautiful!  Bridges with kind messages make me happy!

2.   I got some goodies in the mail.  Mamarazzi sent me some travel size goodies of some of my favorite products.  Anything that smells like lavender makes me happy!  Plus, I wonder how Mamarazzi knows that I am a Pantene junkie, and I also use Olay products.  I wear Olay's sensitive skin SPF 15 daily moisturizing lotion *good stuff*  By the way, have y'all noticed how *gorgeous* Mamarazzi's skin is?  And then she said that she got sunburned over the weekend.  I wanted to cry when I read that, and I hope she has lots of aloe vera lotion!


Ginger also sent me some great smelling orange soap.  She makes this soap in Bardstown, Kentucky, and she has recently started her own blog.  My soap is orange, and I love citrus fragrances, especially during the summer.


Receiving awesome gifts in the mail that make me pretty and smell good makes me happy!!!

3.   We recently celebrated Shelley's fourteenth birthday at the Saks Fifth Avenue launch of MAC Cosmetics' Semi Precious makeup line that just happened to be on her birthday.  I took Shelley and a friend to the event, and the girls had a makeover.  The makeup artist was fantastic, and she stressed skincare to the girls.  She explained that clean, clear skin is much more important than makeup, and that makeup only enhances our natural beauty.



The girls did not look like the models above; they looked pretty and age-appropriate.

The new eye shadows are so, so pretty.  Each shadow contains four finely milled semi-precious gems from Brazil~ bronzite, black tourmaline, gold pyrite, and lilac lepidolite.  The mineralized formula feels fantastic!  The model above is wearing the eyeshadow shown below.


At $20.00, it may seem expensive, but the pots of shadow are huge!  I think they are a great buy, so I bought the girls eye shadow.  Celebrating Shelley's birthday at a fun beauty event makes me very happy!

4.   I had a manicure with the new lovely Dior Aloha nail polish.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have had a manicure.  My hands are usually in solvents and mediums, so manicures are usually pointless. Painting my nails makes me happy!


5.   Visiting all of your blogs amazes me.  Everyday.  Whether you are sharing a beautiful project, photos of your garden, kind words, or your kids' art.....the beauty of your blog makes me happy!

You.  Are.  Beautiful!

Please visit Mamarazzi, and share your happy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. What I wonderful Happy List - I feel beautiful for just having read it!!!


  2. Great list! I love it.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I just love bridges with messages on them. One time when I ws having a bad day, I was driving along and I noticed on the side of the road in front of me there was a tree that had a SMILE face on it, and the face was in the shape of fruit - banana, orange, etc. It made me feel better. Love your 'Happy List".
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. I love your happy list!! And you and so are Shelly and her friend!! How awesome of a mom are you!!! You are awesome!!

  5. what a super list,, have a super weekend!

  6. What a great happy list! I love them all. That eye shadow does look amazingly pretty. I am so glad you like your orange soap! Thanks for including my soap in your happy list. I'm so happy!

  7. I love your happy list Ricki. I'm happy anytime I'm in the Highland Ave area, usually means a dinner out and some happy shopping. Someone had a clever idea with the banner on the bridge. How sweet for you daughter with the outing to SFA for her birthday. I love to go there, its makes me feel happy too. Hope your having a great summer............

    The French Hutch

  8. How fun your list is and I am sure your daughter and her friend loved the special treat to some Mac cosmetics. Who wouldn't? Love the "nice" grafitti!!

  9. It cracks me up that Mac girls were emphasizing clear skin and saying makeup should only enhance our natural beauty. While I 100% agree with that, I remember Mac from my high school days as being the place with the dramatic tones and style of makeup- totally unnatural and not for daytime wear type of stuff. Clearly, they are getting better. :)

    Thank you for sharing the bridge message with us! That is fantastic, and makes me want to hug whoever tagged that. :D

  10. What a fun post! The message on the bridge is so sweet. So much better than the strange designs that I can never understand too. :)

    The birthday celebration sounds great. I remember my mom taking me to Merle Norman. That was eons ago!

    Happy Saturday. :)

  11. Reading your "Happy List" makes me happy. It's so much more fun appreciating the small wonders of our lives.
    xo, CAS

  12. A post of beauty makes me happy! Thanks for sharing Ricki. Have a nice weekend.

  13. great list! i love the little soap...i bet it's awesome!

  14. Great list! I love that you took your 14 yr. old to Saks for the Mac opening - my oldest daughter would have loved that at 14 and even now.
    You must be a cool mom!!

  15. What a great list! Great party.

  16. Great list! Congratulations on winning some great items!! :)

  17. You are adorable, and what a great post!

    Your daughter is fortunate to have a very cool mom.


  18. I love your happy list...and all of the beautiful things you use to feel pretty! I love the orange soap and will check out her blog! Enjoy your week! Being beautiful is important for girls of all ages! ♥ We all need to feel beautiful! ♥


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