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Friday Confessional #5 and Blog Awards

Friday, July 8, 2011

It is time for Mamarazzi's Friday Confessional.


1.   I confess that I have strayed from my vow to not drink sodas.  It is not my fault, really.  My intentions have truly been good, but I confess that I have fallen off the wagon because of this:


Cheerwine is the best drink.  Ever.  Fortunately for me, I can't buy them many places here in Birmingham.

2.   I confess that I have been lazy when it comes to remaking some of the widgets and buttons that the Big Bad Blogger Trolls stole from my blog.  One of the widgets was my "Award-Free Blog" button.  In the meantime, two very sweet bloggers awarded me with awards.  I am so honored and humbled, ladies.  Truly, you do not know how much it means to me.

Victoria awarded me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.  Her blog highlights all of her talents as an editor, writer, and artist as well as her adventures with her adorable cat, Bagheera.  Please visit Victoria at her blog here.


Honey @ 2805 awarded me The Stylish Blogger award. I think that someone tried to award me with this one before, but the search widget on my blog was not working.  I have been following Honey for quite some time, and her blog is eye candy.  She is an excellent photographer and shares her travels, projects, and pretty lifestyle with her readers.


Both awards require that I tell you seven random things about myself and pass the award along to others.

*I confess that I hate cats because I am so allergic to them.  Please so not hate me because I hate cats.
*I confess that I am slightly afraid of tall men over 6'2".  Weird, I know.
*I confess that there are a couple of bloggers who used to comment on my blog and respond to my comments on their blogs, and now they ignore me.  I am not meaning to sound like a Middle Schooler, but I am afraid that I might have hurt their feelings, and it would break my heart if I did.
*I confess that I would move back to Arizona if I could.  I miss it!
*I confess that as a child, I wanted to be a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.  I took dancing for many years, and I was in the height range, but I never auditioned.
*I confess that I am very sad about my daughter's going away to college this year. 
*I confess that I went back to Saks Fifth Avenue and bought the Dior nail polish.  I should not have spent the money on nail polish I probably won't use, but maybe the girls will use it.

The hard part for me with these blog awards is passing them on.  You see, I confess that I do not like to hurt anyone's feelings.  That is why I had the Award Free button on my blog to start with.  *sighs*

I am only picking one for each award instead of seven people.  I would like to give the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award to Rosetta @ The Romantic Rose (because she is so sweet), and The Stylish Blogger award to Emily @ Blu Babes Create (because she is so stylish).  Rosetta's Italian home is so pretty and romantic.  It looks like it is in the middle of the Cotswolds rather than Italy!  Rosetta truly has a sweet, romantic spirit.  Emily's blog is very unique in that you always learn something new while reading her blog, and you never know what she is going to post about.  Her posts are always entertaining and well-written.  Plus, Emily is very, very stylish, so the award fits her.

3.   I confess that this is a very long post for me.  I am always humbled when you all read my ramblings and actually care enough to leave comments.  Y'all are amazing!


Please join Mamarazzi for Friday Confessional.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I always enjoy these posts! And the Cheerwine DOES look good! I confess I bought a diet color...A & W Rootbeer! I don't usually buy ANY soda but this really does taste good. Hope it's not habit forming. And I don't like cats!

    Enjoy your day! ♥

  2. I don't like cats either. I'm more of a dog person. I confess, your blog is one of my favorites. Have a great weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. I confess I don't like cats either( and I can't help it-I love alot of people that are cat lovers,but the cat's have always give me the willy's since I was young)!...but I certainly like you my friend.
    Have a fun weekend!

  4. Is it weird that I think I like you (and Jo) more now that I know you don't like cats as well? ;)
    Sorry you're sad about your daughter leaving! I know she will visit you a lot! :)

  5. Maybe there needs to be an anti-cat button or something. Add me to the list.

  6. OK! Before today I was afraid to confess: I don't like cats.

  7. Cheerwine? It looks wonderful! Congrats on the awards. :)


  8. The cherrywine looks tempting, does it come in diet? Congratulations on your awards! You definitely deserve them! I hate cats also. Allergies!

  9. I love, love Cheerwine but haven't had it in years. Have a great weekend!

  10. I've never had Cheerwine. I confess to absolutely needing one Diet Coke per day. It's a must!

    I love my cat. She's sweet and so easy. I understand that lots of people don't like them and are allergic.

  11. Whoa Ricki knock my socks off! Thanks so much! It really means a lot! I kinda wanna cry but in a good way. I will be blogging about this!

  12. I read every word! What fun to learn more about you. I have never heard of that soda. Don't give a second thought to people not commenting, there is nothing you would have said. Don't spend a minute second guessing yourself. Just be happy you have such a great memory, lord I have no idea if people comment back or not.


  13. Your posts are so fun to read, Ricki Jill. I'm allergic to cats too and I must confess I don't care for them much either. I like your new header photo btw. It's always a pleasure to stop by and see what's new in your neck of the woods. Have a great weekend!

  14. No way!!!!!!! I wanted to be a Rockette too! Of course, I'm 5'1" so that was never gonna happen, but oh how I would have loved it.
    I've never met anyone who wanted to be one too!


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