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The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The dogwood tree was supposedly the tree used to crucify Jesus.  There were not many trees large enough in the Middle East to serve as crosses for the Romans' crucifixions.  So can you imagine their consternation when they discovered, after Christ's resurrection, that their trees had shriveled to small, scrawny little trees, but with lovely white flowers on them. One of the Romans exclaimed, "Our trees have gone to the dogs!"


The flowers of the dogwood tree are cross-shaped with two smaller and two larger petals. Each is stained with what looks like blood, and the center resembles the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head during his crucifixion.


The dogwood tree will never again be used to build a cross, and thankfully for us, none is needed because Jesus accomplished his work.  It is finished.


These pictures were taken from the upper porch at our lake cabin.  It was like we were in a tree house in the dogwoods!  This year is the prettiest they have ever been.


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Until next time...

Easter blessings!
Ricki Jill


  1. I love, love the dogwood tree. Our house came with a dogwood tree but it seemed to have a bug of some sort and did not survive. I have been tempted to plant another and I think after seeing these photos I will.
    Easter blessings to you as well.

  2. I have some beautiful dogwoods, and I love to take photo's, I need to read this wonderful story every year,it always makes me reflect!
    Sooo true Ricki Jill, never again,because Jesus, says,"It is finished".
    Hugs my friend and Happy Easter.

  3. ps...wait a minute! Lake House!!, how blessed are yall!

  4. Oh to live where Dogwood blooms. You are a lucky gal. They don't grow here.

  5. G'morn, I have shared this story many times over ... love it. Your presentation is fabulous ... this is my favorite tree next to the lilac.

    TTFN ~

    NEW GIVEAWAY on 4/6

  6. I am so thankful He did and it is finished! Beautiful post Ricki Jill!

  7. Oh I'm so glad to see this post as I don't think I've seen a dogwood tree before. We just don't have that here in SoCal Ricki Jill. How sad huh?

    You are so sweet with your comment to me this morning. I wish you lived close by so I can give you a big thank you hug!

  8. I love that story! I had never heard of it before. So great to see them around Easter! Thanks for sharing Ricki Jill!! :)

  9. ...every day you learn somethig...thanks for sharing!Annalisa

  10. Your trees are so pretty! Thanks for sharing that story, I've never heard it before.

  11. we have several dogwoods but they are not in bloom just yet!


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